Black Sabbath 2013 North American Tour "Gas Mask" Shirt

Thu, 29/08/2013 - 09:49

Today I was lucky enough to see Black Sabbath! HELL YEAH!

Not for sale or trade
Black Sabbath 2013 North American Tour "Gas Mask" Shirt
Black Sabbath 2013 North American Tour "Gas Mask" Shirt


Daniel Sodomaniac

Cool shirt and i hope you had a killer time!?
Did they have any other merch from the new album?
See them in November over here.


most of the merchandise was for the new album, but I wasn't a big fan of much of it so I got this one.


Saw them in Tinley Park and it was AMAZING!!!


TAMPA!!! Damn what a great show, and sure it was for you too!


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  • Nice BP, Love Manowar's artwork.
  • Well this was a test to see if i could boil the meat of faster because the method i prefer takes soo god damn long, i�
  • thanx for the flames man!!!
  • got the same one :) the are pretty rare cuz they only produced a few one of them!
  • Very nice.
  • Well if i had the cash then yes but at the moment im to poor haha. Btw what size is your Jofama ?
  • Not my kinda band, but what a collection!
  • Great photos!
  • Very impressiveI
  • Honestly speaking, I'm SUPER NUTS for Hawkwind. Hopefully they come to the U.S. Again.
  • Fucking A.
  • Thanks, I personally am not too fond to it. It's otherwise a good jacket but it's a bit too big for me.
  • Hmm, a matter of taste, I'd say.
  • cheers men!
  • hey man, so do i!!!
  • hah !! you are absolutely right, what a fantastic oxymoron.

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