Benediction Shirt



Dude fuck yes i want this tshirt so bad, before barney joined napalm \m/


love it


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Mad Marx

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Recent Comments

  • Merci mec ;) Oui, cadeau d'un ami de mon père qui l'avait sur sa veste à l'époque ;).
  • Mine is green great record great band!
  • Klassz cuccok, az a Gépes rajz meg nagyon állat! Te rajzoltad?
  • Ah cool man i might give that a shot at some point, yeah i know those things dude, but i usually call it the stitch ripp
  • tyű,ez szép!
  • Thanks.
  • Thank You!
  • Thanks!
  • Thank You!
  • Cool pictures bro!
  • Killer pictures my friend!
  • hehe thanks a lot :) I guess I took a seam ripper (you get these either from your mom or at Walmart) and just ripped the
  • Killer pictures my friend!
  • Killer statues!
  • Thanks. Must be a bootleg obviously, I got it on ebay just weeks after "Fourth Reich" was out.
  • Cool!

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