Benediction Shirt



Dude fuck yes i want this tshirt so bad, before barney joined napalm \m/


love it


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Recent Comments

  • Where'd you ge the bolt thrower patch? Very cool.
  • Yeah it's awesome, if I don't get any decent offers I may well get this framed, would look ace on the wall.
  • too bad carnifex doesn't make death metal, but that breakdown bullshit :')
  • Oh my god, this is fucking amazing. Pure Heavy Metal history revisited!!!
  • vor Jahren mal auf ebay kleinanzeigen gefunden. ;)
  • Je hebt die verfvlek er nog redelijk goed uitgekregen zo te zien :D
  • thanks!
  • I had not either. My guess is that this might have been a limited press and only sold at a few gigs
  • Killer shirt!
  • Thank you for showing interest mate ;)
  • Sounds great! Can't wait. Thanks man :)
  • Ill fix you one. Expect the records in April 2015 ;)
  • Hell yeah man! Put me down for a copy, I'd like it signed to please :D
  • Awesome, we're going to records our first full length this winter (about January).
  • No worries dude!, I don't personally use Facebook but I'll get my Co-host to like it tomorrow night with our s
  • That would be fantastic, thanks man!

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