Benediction Shirt



Dude fuck yes i want this tshirt so bad, before barney joined napalm \m/


love it


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Feral Hate - Persecutor of Death from


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Recent Comments

  • Couldn't agree more! Thanks mate!
  • where is this rotting christ patch from?
  • nice one budddy.....got this gem im uploaded in a few hours.
  • My bad holmes. Yours is updates here hahaha. I misread what you wrote hahahaha
  • Thats rad. I won mine off ebay last year for like $90 a steal I think. Mine is in beautiful condition.
  • Thank youy friend! Hope you've been well.. I use to have it to and sold it a couple years ago on ebay....
  • You are right MasterDeath. I can't wait for next Brutal Assault!
  • yes, great band, one of my favorites! love all their records, but my favorite is Crystal Logic :)
  • There is some kind of material you can just brace under the shirt, that makes it a lot more stable.
  • Nice!
  • Well, that'd look great as a bp, i say. Are you planning on putting some backing-material, or just sewing it direct
  • I figured there was a sticker, it came with a blank backing
  • Great!
  • Wow cool more Slayer shirts ! This one is one of the best new designs . Would be a killer tattoo !
  • Haha i remember seeing those pictures, great as always, mate!
  • If you have it for me when I have 50€, let me know xD I'd pay 80 when I have them, but it's rather rarely ava

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