Benediction Shirt



Dude fuck yes i want this tshirt so bad, before barney joined napalm \m/


love it


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Recent Comments

  • Fuck that's bad ass!
  • Great!
  • Yeah they're brilliant!
  • Great patch for a great band.
  • Some great bands, Nice collection mate.
  • Saakelin hieno toi Urfaust-pinssi ja hieno liivi muutenki.
  • I think, since the guy behind this whole "Muerto En La Cruz" is a somewhat an idiot.
  • Haha, I love it. Would love to incorporate into my album some how....
  • Any chance you've still got this one?
  • Any chance you still have that Root one floating around?
  • Of course Bro. Sorry for late reply :-(
  • Pure and rare beauty!
  • Awesome!!!!
  • Looks like more as tribute than funshirt!
  • I bought it at a live concert of Ace Frehley.
  • aaahuh!!! yeah, i was thinking "Ive been there.. and its a very small island.. how do they fit it?" :)

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