Bal-Sagoth 'Battle Magic' LS

Fri, 02/03/2012 - 02:28

Got this beauty from a German distributor's backstock only 3 years ago (shockingly)! Beautiful original for a damn fantastic album known for its awesome cover art. Neat bonus in the little Baphoment logo on the sleeve for the label. A nice little bonus to piss off the overly insecure Christian.

Not for sale or trade



This is fucking sick dude! Haven't seen any Sagoth merch here!


Glad to have provided it. Sadly, this shirt somehow picked up a few holes at the base of the backside... I am going to try and take very good care of it when I wear it. This was a great album and it was nice to find a shirt from one of their more fantasy-oriented early albums.




the ravens are on the wing !!


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Recent Comments

  • Yes it is ;) Thanks bro!
  • Whaat? They were released already :O I'm going to buy the same one. And the new album is fucking perfect!
  • Pretty cool to have both versions of such a kick ass Eddie, to be fair. Less than 48hrs to go...!!! UP THE IRONS!!
  • killer one
  • Darkvalerious on Wed, 02/09/2015 - 12:17 Damn!
  • Damn! Lucky you. I know they are touring and they are performing this album entirely.
  • I bought the promo poster to relapse records back in these day (Still have the invoice) and I have some other classics p
  • Nice collection. I got a chance to work with them this summer in Tuska when they played this album through.
  • ... All those different vinyl versions! Just great!
  • Yeah yeah ...but i'm not fan of poster flags.
  • This masterpiece deserves it!And I really like the promo poster,it should make a great decoration on your wall.
  • Oh! thanks mate, what is what you haven't seen before specifically?
  • Awesome collection of one of my all-time favorites!!! Never seen something like this!
  • Thanks man!
  • I'm looking for a big one too ! Do you still have that Ukrainian seller contact ? Cheers !
  • Awesome!

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