Bal-Sagoth 'Battle Magic' LS

Fri, 02/03/2012 - 02:28

Got this beauty from a German distributor's backstock only 3 years ago (shockingly)! Beautiful original for a damn fantastic album known for its awesome cover art. Neat bonus in the little Baphoment logo on the sleeve for the label. A nice little bonus to piss off the overly insecure Christian.

Not for sale or trade



This is fucking sick dude! Haven't seen any Sagoth merch here!


Glad to have provided it. Sadly, this shirt somehow picked up a few holes at the base of the backside... I am going to try and take very good care of it when I wear it. This was a great album and it was nice to find a shirt from one of their more fantasy-oriented early albums.




the ravens are on the wing !!


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  • Awesome pics mate!!! Cannibal Corpse put on a great gig, Look forward to seeing them again one day.
  • Some epic albums!
  • Awesome Quiet Riot patches, Nice taste.
  • Awesome taste in tunes man! Looks good.
  • No problem mate, Already gathered, Its all good, We were all new at some point.
  • Amazig!!!
  • I enjoy the print even though its weird. Great band too!
  • Despite the low points, I still root for this franchise to succeed. I hope J. J.
  • On a related note, I just finished the Revan novel. Fucking Star Wars man, I'll never outgrow it.
  • Very nice! My favorite is Weltenganger though.
  • haha great! looks like an good old german/austrian living room
  • haha great! looks like an good old german/austrian living room
  • Beautifull :)
  • mostly at my local record store and a music shop in gatlinburg tn called the rhythm section.
  • Wicked shirt
  • Haha. wtf? never seen this pic of him before.

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