Bal-Sagoth 'Battle Magic' LS

Fri, 02/03/2012 - 02:28

Got this beauty from a German distributor's backstock only 3 years ago (shockingly)! Beautiful original for a damn fantastic album known for its awesome cover art. Neat bonus in the little Baphoment logo on the sleeve for the label. A nice little bonus to piss off the overly insecure Christian.




This is fucking sick dude! Haven't seen any Sagoth merch here!


Glad to have provided it. Sadly, this shirt somehow picked up a few holes at the base of the backside... I am going to try and take very good care of it when I wear it. This was a great album and it was nice to find a shirt from one of their more fantasy-oriented early albums.




nice !!


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  • Poor. It needs much more patches. And pin badges.
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  • bringin it down for sure super!!
  • thanks. this is the new official patch. bought it at their bigcartel shop
  • Geez, I want one! (I can't even stand on a board, hehe)
  • Awesome! Is that Autopsy backpatch a shirt cutout?
  • what do you want for this shirt bro
  • cool shirt for sure great band
  • thanx
  • godver.. weer niet gezien. zoizo moeten er meer muntenkasses zijn ja, dat sloeg egt nergens op..
  • nice!
  • Nice job! Where did you get that skull fist patch? the one between the strips
  • Very nice!
  • Thanks! I'm really excited to have it on my new vest!

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