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Recent Comments

  • I got it a year ago, but I only wear it during winter, so it's still newish
  • fucking great.there are a few left in the records company too.i like this ts & band more than cradle"s
  • Super Kutte!
  • Fan vad grymt att tändaren är med, det ser man ej så ofta!
  • Looks tough yet feminine.
  • Looks good man! Is the leather jacket new?
  • Nice !!!
  • Definitely not their best, but a cool shirt and great band for sure.
  • Ha ha. I can show you where to get one but the only way these are coming iris ripped in the pit.
  • http://www.amazon.de/HYPOCRISY-Cross-cut-out-Patch/dp/B00B9DCWOY http://www.ebay.de/itm/Hypocrisy-Sew-iron-On-Patch-Pat
  • Glam is hit and miss for me, But the layout looks great and you can't go wrong with spikes. Enjoy BOA.
  • Some sick bands, Enjoy BOA.
  • Awesome taste man! Pokoli színjáték is a fucking amazing album!
  • What Kimo said!
  • I've got the same Misfits patch in the same spot....Seen it a couple of times... #illuminati ¬_¬
  • Great stuff man.

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