Metal band : U.D.O.

Daniel Sodomaniac with 13 entries
rafaelkempp with 7 entries
MetalheartNYC with 5 entries
Beer Destroyer with 5 entries
ultmetal with 4 entries
Razmachine with 4 entries
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Recent Comments

  • Thank you. I will check that place out.
  • Got it from Nightgaunt Graphics. They have heaps of cool sludge and crust merch.
  • Oi!!..you left me a bad review without even sending me a msg letting me know you havnt received the patch..if you did i
  • Price?
  • Nice! I have this in short version for trade...
  • Nice!
  • HAhaha really? 20 Bucks? I just to get this recently but not in this shape
  • max flames for one of the best extreme thrash bands ever
  • awesome shirt, great artwork & great Swedish band
  • Fuuuuck how in the hell do I always miss these!
  • One of the best picture discs ever made!
  • Fantastic!
  • Such a important band!
  • Fuck, such awesome collection!
  • Awesome shirt!
  • Sick Album! ... I have the Original Tape. Used to listen to a much in my Walkman!

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