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Assassin - Destroy the State from
Joachim Kremer


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Recent Comments

  • Don't tag bands that aren't in the picture just so you don't get kicked or something
  • so awesome!
  • amazing! would kill for this.
  • Thanks a lot man! Yeah, that movie is always a welcome watch, easily a favorite.
  • classic!!! wederom:nog niet in mn collectie!..helaas :)
  • moet ik ook nog es zien te krijgen deze!
  • vet shirt..heb de hel serie ooit gehad!
  • mooi shirt :)..grappig hoe mn oude shirt weer in nederland terug komt hahaha
  • Fuck yeah banzai!
  • very nice reprint!
  • very nice!
  • nice shirt dude!..got the same...without the arms :)
  • Jealous, love it.
  • The Earache ones are cool..but I think the best one is this and the Earache tour version without the band photo back.
  • Thank you my Friend!
  • Same as doomtilldeath

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