Metal band : U.D.O.

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Recent Comments

  • Haha it blends in right? ;) Thanks!
  • Is that a sneaky roach clip I see? I like the Dissection top rocker too.
  • Haha cool, I think it would be a common wooden clothes cabinet, I had a few very similar.
  • Greetz.....still available?
  • Wish I knew! Found it on the street somewhere haha
  • Best Benediction release ever! Still available?
  • Très belle pièce !
  • Still available?
  • Killer as fuck, So many I want!
  • Some killer bands, What does the key go to? Used to collect keys growing up...
  • that looks awesome! tough! heavy! \m/ nice to see your uploads again!
  • bro ripchordz are sweet my buddy's in msa did a split with them and that's how I found them last year live tha
  • Thanks for the comments. Only few smaller tattoos, some background details, shadowing and the arm is ready.
  • Awesome band choices!
  • crust as fuck! awesome!!
  • Thank you!

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