Metal band : U.D.O.

Daniel Sodomaniac with 13 entries
rafaelkempp with 7 entries
MetalheartNYC with 5 entries
Beer Destroyer with 5 entries
ultmetal with 4 entries
Razmachine with 4 entries
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Recent Comments

  • yeah... i can understand things change... kids for example make things different...
  • Haha! Shit happens :)
  • ah, really ?? One of the most underrated Dutch bands in my opinion... well, tastes differ which is a good thing ....
  • yeah, this one you almost never see... it's always the other version... with the tourdates of early 1992 ...
  • (Y) Have the same one, killer and such beauty!
  • thanx my friend... yes, very nice one... especially with this sleeve print...
  • Gabs auf dem ersten NWN Festival, habe ich aber auch nur das eine Mal dort gesehen (und gekauft).
  • Not bad at all!
  • Still available or gone? ;)
  • awesome work!
  • horrible band imho but very interesting shirtdesign ;)
  • Definitiv, richtig fesselnder sound!
  • Ist das ne Private Anfertigung? Vorher noch nie gesehen.
  • Great patches, Have them both to!
  • Sehr schönes Wulkanaz Logo.
  • Hammer Teil, hab ich auch.

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