Metal band : U.D.O.

Daniel Sodomaniac with 13 entries
rafaelkempp with 9 entries
MetalheartNYC with 5 entries
Beer Destroyer with 5 entries
ultmetal with 4 entries
Razmachine with 4 entries
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Recent Comments

  • Anthrax Among the Living is GONE !!
  • sick, love it
  • Nice shirt..
  • Indeed, man. They don't get enough credit. Also, Kazue Akao is now in a band called Kruberablinka.
  • Looks great! Hails from Scandinavia!
  • Okay, the retard is the guy who cut that shirt arms and collar off. So im sorry about meaning it was you.
  • Liege Lord and Running Wild. Great albums.
  • blue border british steel sold
  • mercenaries of metal, keep the faith, red and blue britsih steel,SFV BP, printed defenders cirlce and blue printed halfo
  • Thanks!!!
  • love it
  • Very nice piece! I'm envious.
  • Haha yes!
  • my back patch looks a bit like theirs
  • Awsome !!! Last album is great...

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