Metal band : U.D.O.

Daniel Sodomaniac with 12 entries
rafaelkempp with 7 entries
MetalheartNYC with 5 entries
Beer Destroyer with 5 entries
ultmetal with 4 entries
Keeperofthesevenkeys with 4 entries
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Vociferian - Holocaustal Angel from
Kill Trend

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Recent Comments

  • haha.yep :P
  • yep..i rly like their shit...i have them all. I just miss a live-dvd..but thats it, i have the rest.
  • haha.yeah :P ..but there is no uncensored version..im sorry..haha
  • hehe.the first album of these guys..which is rly good :)
  • haha..ur welcome, i think this booklet is just to interesting..to hide it ;P
  • yep..this guys are crazy..hehe
  • the music is better then booklet looks like ;P
  • yep..very nice Vinyl!
  • Thanks!
  • Wow, Talented tattooist, Looks great!
  • Awesome band and great shirt!!!
  • Great band! Need to get myself a copy.
  • that looks rather flash
  • Another great one!!! Keep em coming.
  • Fuck yeah!!! \m/ Still need to grab this one for my collection...
  • Awesome as fuck taste, The BP looks fucking awesome!

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