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Now Playing

Nightwolf - Heavy Metal Slut from
Iwan Uchida


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Recent Comments

  • Made sure to put the skategoat above goatwhore, goats are a pretty good theme.
  • ik had ook precies zo klijn stukje tusse me Orange Goblin en Bolt Thrower patches.
  • ik ga waarschijnlijk een patch in passende vorm knippen, en dan die Mayhem stukie naar links.
  • Sweatshirt or LS?
  • Damn bro.... You got so much awesome TON stuff, Nice one mate!
  • epic
  • wow, yeah even tho it's a boot, definitely worth having!
  • not bad not bad
  • It's already sewn on my newest jacket. Looks great!
  • +1
  • I've grown to appreciate the album more and more, but it's not even close to my favorite for this stance on bl
  • I definitely agree about how the music sort of went off on a lower state, I think bands with a similar vibe have been co
  • really nice
  • Well done dude!
  • thanks!

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