Metal band : Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza

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Now Playing

Lobotomy - Delusion Of Sin from
Iwan Uchida

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Recent Comments

  • oh i love this one :D
  • never seen, never heard before..but full flames for obscurity and TITS!
  • fucking great band!!!!!
  • Always this unreadable logos... ;-)
  • full flames for 7" :D the only real deal :D
  • nice shit dude :D
  • Sure thing ill do thay man, thnx for the tip :)
  • Fuck yes!
  • clearly sayz BeLzop :)
  • Great work there, I have my Dio tattoo posted on here somewhere. .....It is not very good compared to this one
  • Great collection dude. Lots of great patches of great bands.
  • Oh yeah delivering dem goods
  • Camping de Heikant, which was about 6,6 km's from 013!
  • And they surely were!
  • Yeah, I saw this show when I'm 18. There's great show at that moment
  • Haha. :D

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