Metal band : Stormtroopers Of Death

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Recent Comments

  • Ppl like him need to be supported. Of course!
  • cheers mate, yeah they were on good form last night ...seen them in Glasgow a few times now and they always smash it.
  • Thanks, I tried to just keep it simple and use some of my favourite patches.
  • What sort of kebab are we talking about here? Is it in good condition? Any sauce?
  • very very noice LS
  • have some rest! 2:00pm here in Croatia and I still have some work to do. hahha sure thing man! That would be nice
  • Awesome! Can't wait to see them live.
  • Sure am man. Ah yes, Been a big day working I'm tad brain dead haha. True that!
  • That's cool man!
  • Hvala Anja!
  • Nice!
  • Haha, All good mens, I interviewed Rob Barrett over the phone, Still really happy as a pig in shit for that! Mmm whippe
  • It would be much better if you would order it from Paul himself, he appreciates this sort of thing!
  • Thanks a lot mate! Cannibal Corpse is one of my favorite bands and it was a privilege to meet with 'em again!
  • Thanks man! Don't be jealous! I just know all of them from before, now I'm licking the whipped cream!
  • Some kick ass bands, Love what you did with the Motorhead!

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