Metal band : Stormtroopers Of Death


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Recent Comments

  • Awesome! I can't wait to see how this turns out
  • Fantastic stuff
  • Fucking nice.
  • Stunning..
  • sick!! much quicker than making patches first, i'm sure.
  • Awesome memorabilia stuff!!
  • you have a real talent!
  • yeah me too for the most part, but there are definitely some noteworthy back patches out there
  • thanks..all of you: I might bring a litle toost with this one on all you metal heads on christmas eave! ;)
  • yes indeed..it epic by aniti chritmass for starters hahaha
  • oi !..whahaha..thanks anyway :)...and I'll be wearing it not just on christmas!
  • haha to be honest that's the coolest cd case id ever seen!
  • damn such an awesome record stll cannot choose between the first 3 records !
  • finally a badass tour shirt that's not just a pic of an old album with the dates on back
  • Haaa...two of my favorite things in one!
  • Yeah, I moved a lot of patches and didn't fix placement.

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