Metal band : Stormtroopers Of Death


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Grob - Crni Sakrament from


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Recent Comments

  • Killer Shirt !!! Cool Shirts,LP´s and Posters. dude i like your collection
  • A track for Tommy Lee's drum kit, takes him upside down. It was neat to see!
  • how much?
  • cool, cool :D ..i just have 1 shirt...its from the first or second album (if i remember right)..bought it at Morbid Reco
  • thx Bro, next time i will post more WACO-shirts :)
  • nope nichts bestimmtes - aber death metal patches sind gern gesehen ;)
  • full flames for nice pics :) ...but im not rly into Primordial...this vocals drives me crazy..no idea why..., saw them s
  • damn nice album
  • hihi...its cute.. ;D
  • their best album - imo :D
  • nice one
  • love..love this shirt..first time i see it with this backprint..great
  • lol dude :P
  • omg..its sssoooo great!!!..its so hard to get merch of these guys..., i wasnt even able to get the new album somewhere.
  • simple love that name..hahaha
  • great one

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