Metal band : Stormtroopers Of Death


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Cult Of The Horns - Crush The Skull Of Mankind from


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Recent Comments

  • u know it boss :) wonderful terms sounds good to me.
  • oh ok, I see man. well great then, we're on wonderful terms now.
  • I see u have good taste sir :)
  • not at all man, u see im not british either :) im Dutch but I live in England.
  • Hahaha nice Shane McGowan patch, Pogues fuckin rule!!!
  • Wow! That's awesome!
  • yeah, cheers.... 'mate.' Dang, that feels weird. I'm not British, I hope my use of 'mate' doesn
  • thanks dude. still looking for a more legit Trojan one to replace it with.
  • great band
  • Same here man! I'm always for the slower, but their hardcore/fast stuff is good too.
  • I have Sleep next to Pat Benatar
  • Yep. I take their sludge/stoner/trad. metal era over their hardcore/thrash/crossover era but both are great.
  • Awesome!
  • You listen to Corrosion of Conformity? Noice!
  • uh, they're some squatters who live in unoccupied apartments I know, but I don't know about it on the grand sc
  • True.... there are a bunch of abandoned warehouses near me. I totally forgot about those.

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