Metal band : Sodom

with 30 entries
with 30 entries
shellfire defense
with 29 entries
Daniel Sodomaniac
with 20 entries
with 20 entries
outbreak of evil
with 19 entries
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Recent Comments

  • and another great one.... nice Pan Thy Monium collection !!!!
  • thanx.... ah, how could i forget ?!?! awesome old school stuff
  • some nice patches and bands,but a very boring layout.you will add more shapes and pins?
  • haha..thx dude..well..sorry..totaly forgot to put up a link with a sound-file ;) ..lol...just check it out now (again)
  • you have some serious cool stuff... full flames
  • damn cool... love this band !!!!
  • rare stuff mate... keep it coming
  • totally forgot about this band... can't even remember what they sounded like... got to check them again
  • Never seen before... this looks very good !!!!!
  • awesome !!!! brilliant artwork
  • nice patch mate !!!
  • Damn cool pic !!!
  • cool pic !!! And i know all to well about smeared signatures...well, it's signed anyway
  • yeah, that great Gods of grind tour... saw that in Westermar sports-centre/ Burgum....
  • yes, it's still in very good condition.... i'm taking good care of this one
  • very nice collector item :)

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