Metal band : Sodom

bayernpirat with 35 entries
NISSE666 with 34 entries
shellfire defense with 29 entries
krombi123 with 21 entries
ASSAULTOR with 20 entries
Daniel Sodomaniac with 20 entries
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Recent Comments

  • killer !
  • also very nice
  • very nice ctyc
  • Holy shit, I need this! Very nice catch, man. The world needs more green/khaki metal tees.
  • Looks fucking wicked!
  • Wow, that is cool!
  • Sorry about the pictures on my phone they were the right side up, but still turn out to be sideways when I upload.
  • Chris hangs out with crowd when he's not performing so you'll at least get to show him. I've met him umm
  • Sabaton gone.
  • Awesome! I love graffiti when its actually something decent like this. Not just random fuck heads tagging stupid shit
  • Great album! Killer patch man.
  • This is sick
  • Sick shirt!
  • Sick!
  • Amazing!!!
  • Great patch!

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