Metal band : Sodom

bayernpirat with 34 entries
NISSE666 with 33 entries
shellfire defense with 29 entries
Daniel Sodomaniac with 20 entries
ASSAULTOR with 20 entries
outbreak of evil with 19 entries
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Hellweed - Eternal Punishment from

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Recent Comments

  • https://youtu.be/K1n6iYF9pMc
  • love this record
  • awesome shirt, will be cooler on white, but still really awesome
  • Wicked shirt...awesome band!
  • haha..yep...awesome!..like judascrust said..haha
  • oh..great shirt!!
  • Greeaaaatt shirt!!!!
  • I agree...a lot of people don't really like this album...I think it's fucking great...but then again I like ev
  • Great shirt. i saw this is only available from victorious merch.
  • It was Incredible as always everyone sounded great and was super fun, i won a salems wych original press signed vinyl wh
  • How was Ragnarokkr this year?! Was supposed to go Saturday night for Nuclear Assault but tickets sold out.
  • BP looks fucking amazing, Sew it!!! Will look great.
  • Nice taste in tunes, Looks pretty good.
  • That's an awesome battle vest! I like the Voivod and Onslaught.
  • I plan on covering most of it. I dunno about completely.

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