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Recent Comments

  • ugh, that Carnivore patch... so lovely
  • Nice jacket, I love the grave pin :)
  • probably my favorite Ultrametal release, hard to find too.
  • Wow, just wow.
  • From Maiden i'm looking 80 / 81 patches .... like British Tour 80 one.
  • Eso espero Demolition_hell .... la peña me masacra a mensajes jaja
  • M-mhm, tasty shit! Don't recognise the noisegate though, which one is it? :)
  • hoi,hätt interesse am Slavery Tour Triangle und am Can i play with
  • ha! and I tought that your brazilian collection was impressive..
  • Damn, she was very fast! XD Do you still have your old vest or at least the back of it?
  • Bottoms up \m/
  • Yes, took her about a week to do the embroidery.
  • amazing obscure Heavy Metal
  • Still available? please take a look at my page.
  • now this is a fucking relic, Hails!
  • Thanks, I think is a very underrated band.

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