Metal band : Sodom

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shellfire defense
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Daniel Sodomaniac
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outbreak of evil
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Recent Comments

  • Great BP, my favorite Darkthrone album!
  • Hah that's pretty cool man. I really wanna see them but they're always on the west coast.
  • Amazing shirt!!!!
  • Killer vest! I have the same Death, D.R.I., and Morbid Angel patches as you. When I saw D.R.I.
  • I got it off of flammenwerfer666 on eBay. He's got a ton of great quality bootlegs for pretty cheap!
  • ik vind m vet :) een leer jasje ziet er altijd beter uit als je m simpel houdt met niet al teveel patches vind ik. ben o
  • awesome jacket boss!! and oh man that Hawkwind patch is niceeee, where u get it? cheers mate!
  • Where did you get that violence pack
  • very nice
  • Picture quality is a it blurry, but that's because I had to expand its size.
  • where did you get this?
  • Whoa man I was just kidding, why you flaming, you have access to Internet I figured you could afford the 2 bucks for coa
  • Opera house, big commercial venue, same shit different wrapping. I'm done discussing with your arrogant ass.
  • Nope my friend im still looking ahaha got a Long way to go ahah :/
  • Funny you say that, since one of the last shows I saw was behemoth and goatwhore in Toronto at "the opera house&quo
  • Thanks buddy i really like this one :)

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