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Recent Comments

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wD3yLGjnXo And they are releasing their new album in feb :)
  • Thanks mate!
  • Thank you! Damn right!
  • Thanks my friend!
  • This is an old picture. I've changed my vest since then and there's few patches more.
  • Cheers bro
  • haha thanks for the flames!
  • Sorry, couldn't help it.;-)
  • Haha smart arse bro ;)
  • Strange, looks pretty healthy to me.;-)
  • Fucking killer taste mate, Looks sick.
  • I have both in XL, which sucks because I've lost a significant amount of weight and it's sort of baggy on me b
  • Great!
  • Hell yeah! I'm looking so much forward to receiving these beauties! KNEEL BEFORE THE KOBRA THRONE!
  • Oh nice! I've seen em twice now, I wanted their "Fuck The Sun
  • Yeah seen it around a few times, Got so many ideas for kuttes in my head!

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