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Recent Comments

  • omoshiroii. (my japanese spelling chou waruii).
  • much better than my english lol
  • shikoku is a very nice place.
  • watashi no nihongo chou warui desu. gommenne! anatawa "altars" collection, AMAZING!!!
  • You are very good at japanese !! I'm from shikoku , western island of the country. I know From Dusk bar !
  • colour is so good on the shirt! i had this and killed it with passion!!! long time ago!!!
  • Oh that splatter is cool! I have Nocturnus 1st and N.Death "Harmony Corruption" in same color/edition.
  • anatawa shushin wa doko desuka?
  • haha, anatawa "profile picture" omoshiroii. tabun wakarimasu? edogawa koen? nicos bbq? dusk till dawn?
  • Altars daisuki desu!!! Sugoii ne!!
  • Looks great on you!!
  • True worship indeed! Altars... is an all-time fave. Own the "grindcrushing splatter vinyl".
  • At the gig, they were selling three different designs patches
  • Thanks :)
  • Sick! Looks great!
  • Haha, in seiner Hässlichkeit vollkommen ästhetisch!

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