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NLLeeuw with 1144 entries
SLAYER with 102 entries
slayerslayer with 66 entries
666natas666natas666 with 62 entries
belkot with 51 entries
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Recent Comments

  • They sure f**king do!!
  • Sure is. The design is so f**king sick.
  • Sorry hit the wrong button.
  • Sure is. The design is so f**king sick.
  • Nice edition, great album!!!
  • Absolut. Dom ger inte upp i första taget. Crust on!
  • Saturday night, i am loaded as hell! I fucking love this record.
  • Right back atcha'
  • Håller med om att den är snygg i vintage look.
  • I see. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. Freak Animal sure have a lot of nice things me wants...
  • One of the first songs that got me into Rage back in the back. Great upload Markus!!!
  • Great one !!
  • You're right bro .. few people understand the genius of this album
  • Ok thanks I'll check Banished From Inferno !
  • That's cool!
  • Cheers, mate - hope you enjoyed them as much the second time round!

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