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SLAYER with 102 entries
slayerslayer with 67 entries
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Recent Comments

  • Apa, beware the evil power of the regoddamndiculously ugly shirt.
  • Anybody got one of these they are willing to sell??
  • Got it!
  • That's badass
  • Oho, mihis hintaan tänä päivänä lähtee?
  • Nice! I should pick one of these up some time.
  • I think so, too. And I envy people who were able to see this show.
  • Nice singles. Destructo Evangelia is one hell of an album!
  • I don't know... It's so ridiculously ugly, that it's pretty awesome.
  • Nice! Only got the cd of this one, so I should lay my hands on a vinyl copy some day :D
  • Cool! I've got the 1st lp-pressing as well :D One of the best occult bm-albums imho.
  • Damn that look awesome. I love the art of the new album.
  • I don't know either, but GOD this is sick! Any more?
  • Jammer, want op dat na zou ik die ook wel nog kopen :D
  • Wat zit ik nu ih Engels bezig! Te laat door dat je een Nederlander bent :') Idd!
  • Pretty cool. Shame merch from them is hard to come by, and bad when you do. You print this yourself?

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