Metal band : Slaver

Ruben Guillotine with 3 entries
Metalshewolf83 with 2 entries
bls-georg-pantera with 1 entries
ForWhoseAdvantage with 1 entries
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Recent Comments

  • Very nice looking with great bands!
  • Very, very nice \\m//
  • WOW! This is so great, classic Priest! LEGENDARY!!!
  • The Thyrfing patch is killer!
  • awesomeeee!!
  • Great patch from an amazing album!
  • Thanks alot guys, i have been tempted to get a Blind Guardian one made
  • That would be amazing! I'd have to go for Nightfall In Middle-Earth myself.
  • size?
  • Looks fucking amazing!
  • Shall check them out, Cheers bro!
  • Hell yeah man! Bring the fuckin' hammer down!!!
  • Excellent artwork
  • Killer LS..
  • wow. 40c that's quite warm. I didn't think the Netherlands would get to those temps.
  • in the south of Australia it gets a bit cold but nothing like Europe and further north. my area has been 0 degrees celci

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