Metal band : Slaver

Ruben Guillotine with 3 entries
Metalshewolf83 with 2 entries
bls-georg-pantera with 1 entries
ForWhoseAdvantage with 1 entries
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Leproseey - They Deserve to Die from

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Recent Comments

  • hehe the madness never stops.... Dutch band, progressive metal/ techno thrash....
  • great shirt
  • I'll post an update in the future when I have figured that out haha
  • Yes
  • No thing.* I saw CRUE live as a kid from "Shout at The Devil" up to "Girls Girls Girls".
  • Add more filth by going to RDD and rolling over the hall floor inside. And I miss Slayer.
  • thanks for the link ist pretty cool
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgVMsEn3OXQ
  • Thanks everyone. Wish it was bigger. Its a Medium...
  • Take the tag Thor off, I don't want this crap to come up in my "Which bands are you into?" -list.
  • wow..awesome..never seen before
  • its the re-release, right?...since i have the first press..they sold on tour (i bought mine at the concert)...it contain
  • nice one :) ..i have the PicLP :)
  • great album sick shirt
  • never seen..dont know the band...but burn u with flames for collecter-madness :D
  • damn nice one

Something in the mail

We started a cool game for TSS'ers, we're posting around an item to eachother and using the trade history to keep track of who and where it's been, you might get lucky!