Metal band : Slaughterbox

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Leproseey - Deny By Denial from


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Recent Comments

  • A cool looking shirt..
  • Nice! Too bad CBGB's is closed now :(
  • Awesome shirt..
  • Yes I think it was worth the money :D
  • One nice shirt..
  • Thanks mate! Hahahaha
  • Great pic looks like bunch of serial killers ;-)
  • Thanks man!
  • classic \,,/
  • blue with green backpatch looked nice yea, but just didn't fit me or my wardrobe at all.
  • looks great. tons of awesome bands here.
  • Thanks bro
  • It was good! Nice to hear him play Crystal Mountain.
  • You fucked up dude. It was a pretty good show...For Studio Seven, that is...
  • On kyllä helvetin hyviä bändejä tässä, Moonsorrowista nyt en niin kauheesti perusta, mutta muu on priimaa :D
  • Holy fuck. How long have you had this?

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