Metal band : Slaughterbox

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Ahvawe - Precious Selfdestruction from

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Recent Comments

  • Thank you
  • This one is pretty nice!
  • That is WICKED!! \m/ Fuckin' cool in red! Damn.. gotta have one of these!
  • Trade, Sell, dub!? ;)
  • Thanks!
  • Black on black...nice!
  • I've only got this one so I'm not sure what you want me to take a photo with to compare its size to.
  • I have their lp.A sticker states that is the best album of their career,however The Nocturnal Silence is most definitely
  • Awesome patch \m/
  • oh..awesome ..hope they still have 1 when reaching Ljubljana :)
  • nice to see u like it :D ..i cant listen to it ;) hahaha
  • oh..thx for the tip :D
  • wie wahr wie wahr :D
  • Ei hitto! Ois pitäny käydä morjenstamassa :D Laitetaan alkoholin piikkiin. Olitko koko ajan niitä paitoja myymässä?
  • Great album. I've got it on vinyl.
  • Okey. The price`s good! How much is the shipment?

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