Metal band : Mortification

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Leproseey - They Deserve to Die from

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Recent Comments

  • I'm agree man, to be honest I'm not too much into this band but this design kick ass.
  • rly nice one :)
  • tell me where i can get it on DVD:.and ill buy it :D
  • its a fantastic tribute CD, i have the same. Compared to other tribute-CDs..this one is a damn good one!
  • Great taste in tunes, Looking pretty good.
  • awesome PicLP
  • Please chek my page to see iyems I´m looking for.
  • Great taste in tunes, Loving the HammerFall patch on the front right, Looks sweet!
  • same here..., great CD edition!
  • not my band..but a very nice edition :)
  • impressive shirt..never seen before..
  • Some awesome bands, Nice stuff mate.
  • Awesome taste mate! BP looks wicked, Such a great album.
  • argh...great one!..its not exactly what im looking for..but damn nice!!!
  • Love it!
  • Great update mate, Looking great so far.

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