Metal band : Mortification

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Now Playing

Lobotomy - Delusion Of Sin from
Iwan Uchida

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Recent Comments

  • Very nice
  • Five stars for Sabbat, to bad I just reserved the space on the back for a Slade patch.
  • Looks awesome
  • Classic shirt
  • yeah, everything in this shirt is painted thanks man
  • Nice! Good selection of bands!
  • haha..thx :) ..well..i think im to old now to find a way into this black metal thing..hahaha..., didnt worked in the pas
  • i will do so :)
  • oh yes..i do my friend..rly great stuff :)
  • agree!
  • Thanks mate! Well it will be an Iphone picture but try some when I'm from football today!
  • yeah..i know the coloured version..its also the very first press..but for the US Market..the black/white version is the
  • haha..nope...im not into black metal...and this one...comes from a time..where i still thought/was hoping that a evil/bl
  • full flames for a great album..but..i dont think its one of the 1989 presses ;)
  • unbelieveable talent my friend!!
  • very well done

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