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Recent Comments

  • Got some odd looking stuff imo hahah, never seen before. Cool jacket though, hope to see it grow ;)
  • Love that old Pushead artwork. fuckin sick BP!
  • Cool one - and many more battle vests should have that anti-nazi-pin! Like that! :-)
  • Here's the nipples for you : http://tshirtslayer.com/battle-jacket/jacket-battles-summer-edition In a later editio
  • Actually, on mine the nipples are uncovered... http://tshirtslayer.com/battle-jacket/jacket-battles-summer-edition
  • wow, langsam wirds!! Super!
  • I agree ,Like too much this art !! Thank you sandmanforce !
  • Now THAT´S cool, man. Love that spiderweb and that motörhead sleeve!
  • Yes it is a great original BP!
  • I miss this patch ;)
  • Emperor Return strip,Cancer Fucking Cancer,Coroner strip, Abigail silver border are GONE !!
  • Grrrrreat
  • Looks good. Nice studs and chain!
  • Really yes,but all back patches Emperor Return comes well !!
  • Right side if you compared with the cover.
  • Hui, ich seh's erst jetzt, aber sieht mal wieder und immer noch wunderbar aus!

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