Metal band : Mortification

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Recent Comments

  • I totally agree with you, if not THE best death-metal album ever :)
  • and is one of the best death metal album ever!!
  • This one is also nice!
  • Yep, got mine off eBay as well. Not sure if they're official, but it doesn't bother me that much.
  • Sorry man.. That patch had gone already
  • Thank you!
  • Never seen before... Just awesome!
  • The colour combination is really nice. I like this version better.
  • yes... i went to the Leeuwarden 03.09 gig... one more gig after that; i believe they were happy the tour was done....
  • thanx, thanx !!! I finally did it.... but i still got to upload many more... i'm not done yet....
  • Thank you! I got bored of it :D I don't miss it. At least not yet :D
  • yes, pretty cool i think
  • had a look on Beer City Records/ Regulator Distribution but they don't have this shirt...
  • very nice!
  • yep, all their best known tracks are on this one.... pretty relevant too; I remember could have been written now......
  • Ah yes, nice!

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