Metal band : Metal Church

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Recent Comments

  • Wow really? Do you think it's official? It's pretty good quality.
  • I never liked Fear Factory, but this is a great story!
  • Soon I discovered that this rock thing was true. Jerry Lee Lewis was the devil.
  • Nice!! Mine is light grey due to intensive use!!
  • Yeah, really don't cover the merciful fate backpatch!
  • Why, do you know where to get Bone Awl shirts then? ;)
  • The way the patches on the back are laid out is pretty perfect. Love how the proclamation is shaped for that reason.
  • Hand painted sigils are always wonderful and very representative of your self. Hails.
  • Maaaybe Abhorer? I don't know this vest is actually pretty perfect.
  • insane!
  • need one of these shirt! killer artwork!
  • Thanks mate, yeah i know i'm still searching for the shirt as well!
  • thanks mate, yeah i'm pretty happy with it :) good price aswell!
  • Nyesel gua jual nih kaos :(
  • Looks great
  • Looking awesome mate! Can't wait to use my Vampire coffin.

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