Metal band : Metal Church

devourthesoul with 8 entries
rafaelkempp with 7 entries
TheePhilosopher with 7 entries
Morbideath with 6 entries
ThrashMetal1983 with 5 entries
ultmetal with 5 entries
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Recent Comments

  • Cool.
  • Hail. I did my acc now, can someone tell me what I should do to buy t-shirts here? I try to buy and this appears: "
  • Please look through the patches I have available, and maybe we can work out a trade?
  • Beautiful catch!
  • Good and nice girls:)
  • Yeah that's possible, i think it has over 2000 notes now :p
  • Sick but true!
  • yeah, I hear ya--but it was better than this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sleep-Mission-Patch-Tour-Only-Item-High-On-Fire-
  • Awsome to see VM on here!
  • Looks great!
  • 15$ each? that's a lot for me, but hey, its a nice looking patch.
  • Cool vest! ..have I seen this on tumblr?
  • really cool patch! wish i could get one..or see them play live atleast haha
  • Ahh jammer, toch bedankt!

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