Metal band : Metal Church

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Recent Comments

  • Great one.
  • Simply insane!!
  • time to learn dutch? hahaha ;)
  • Really nice looking shirt.
  • Death metal legends! Hopefully one day they'll reunite.
  • For sure!
  • I know I hade seen it before! I just couldn't remember where.
  • Thanks dude - If I can find another, this is yours!!
  • Great find
  • yeah, killer shirt... i have a few other Winter shirts that are even more rare as this one
  • They're great, but there were so many cool Italian bands...
  • we need more flames haha
  • yeah, definitely !!!!
  • Thanks m8
  • Thanks , the back is pretty much finish but i need a Caladan Brood patch , and a Fen patch .
  • Is not a band is from a novel A song of Ice and Fire the sigil of House Stark, but it goes well with the grimm winter wh

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