Metal band : Metal Church

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Recent Comments

  • lookin good. like the block of "vitamin B" in the background.
  • And GO POGO!
  • Way too Fucking Awesome!! Talk Shit, Get Shot!
  • Fuck yeah! I grew up seeing Wormwagon play, their guitarist is an old family friend. Blackbird Raum is a great band.
  • Cheers Rusty. wasnt sure if anyone here had even heard of them. haha.
  • Also who is worm wagon
  • Blackbird Raum for the win. Great band and great style of music.
  • Great artwork. Great album. Never seen before!
  • Wow, that's what I call dedication!
  • Wow!!!
  • Nice Maiden shirt..
  • Awesome shot! It would be a dream come true for me if I went to this festival.
  • Was pretty happy to get one since my original copy and tape got lost in the mail.
  • Thanks man!
  • Have posted a new one ;-)
  • Sweet!!

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