Metal band : I Shalt Become

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Recent Comments

  • :0 lucky
  • Thanks man!
  • Killer!
  • Killer vest!
  • Yeah! Thanks!
  • Niiiiiice!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yeah ... great artwork ( & thank you for the close-up haha ) ... Loudblast is a awesome band!
  • Great ... really enjoy to listen to this one. Hope they get the same attention Gruesome got this year.
  • Sounds damn good !!!
  • Very nice. Think it's a cool idea to make a coverart with tattoos their fans got.
  • And this is why I love T-shirt Slayer! I never even heard from this band. Heading straight to hammerheart to buy it.
  • Perfect.....this is the exact type of jacket I want. Love the red on the inside!!!
  • No problems man. We've all been there.
  • Thanks! \m/ http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MEGADETH-EMBROIDERED-BACK-PATCH-/371419075279?hash=item567a4d52cf
  • sweet. the original is by HR Giger? if you painted this it's quite impressive.
  • awesome backpatch, never seen it before

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