Metal band : I Shalt Become

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Recent Comments

  • My favorite Samael album. The title track, after the sepulture, with the gleam of the torches, manitou.
  • Fucking awesome pins
  • Holy Shit!!
  • Great shirt, one of my favorites by this band. Both the shirt and the album.
  • "Tell me about it, stud!" (Wrong Travolta movie I know, But I couldn't think of a Saturday Night Fever qu
  • great shirt, some killer artwork
  • wow!!
  • yeah it's a nice one, hopefully it will find a great home
  • Thanks for posting! Yes, I got this from you years ago.
  • Cheers Juan, that Inferior Devoties disc was the first Hypocrisy i bought, great memories.
  • cheers mate, id get buried with 'The Fourth Dimension' & 'Abducted' albums, both are perfect.
  • thank you, yeah it's one of my best shirts
  • Good work with this one
  • Beautiful
  • Very cool!
  • Great one!

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