Metal band : Falkenbach

HeathenThrone with 7 entries
LifeOfDeath with 3 entries
TheSomberlain1995 with 3 entries
Hárbarðr with 3 entries
necrodonkey with 3 entries
RogJarl with 2 entries
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Recent Comments

  • what bands you didnt know yet?
  • Did you catch this sikfuk live ??? I just got his newest split CD. its fucking good!
  • your selling some cool tees man!
  • for people who dont know. this glows!!
  • Fuckign nice shirt! if I was there I would want this
  • never seen this. its fucking cool!!!
  • the colours are great. I just wish they used better tee's and also made the print bigger on the bigger tee's
  • Sieht schon sehr solide aus. Guided Cradle würd ich weglassen, aber dafür auf dem Platz nen Haufen Nieten verteilen
  • thanks
  • The time aspect is a legit complain. But finding a ride is usually easy if you follow some rules.
  • Great shot, I'd definitely join in!
  • Too bad. And to be honest: I would never hitchhike alone aswell.
  • sexy ;) looks like a great spot to chill at.
  • Jo, das wäre auch ziemlich nice.
  • wont be able to catch a ride with those guys, no seats left.. have thought about hitchiking before, tought about going

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