Metal band : Eyehategod

SIR STEWART WAL... with 16 entries
vomitoxic with 15 entries
gizter with 12 entries
Slowly_I_Rot with 10 entries
An Overdose Of ... with 6 entries
865drummer with 5 entries
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Recent Comments

  • Hope that´ll never happen! haha!
  • I love it, especially the"Halloween"song! Thanks for your recommend!
  • I bought the vinyl and book as well, but they only gave me one patch. But who cares, the album is a killer!
  • Bin gespannt! Dürfte so ziemlich die beste Weste des Planeten werden.
  • I don't know, it was a cheapo on a flea market, and it has no labels on it.
  • Der Possession liegt hier schon ewig rum, aber bin einfach zu faul den draufzupacken haha. Ansonsten hab ich irgendwie 2
  • Nice!!! What brand is this jacket?
  • damn cool.... great that she wanted to sign it...
  • damn, that sure looks good... very nice item !!!!!!
  • it definitely is !!!! Got it signed last thursday... great gig !!!!!
  • thanx my friend !!!!!
  • haha... thanx my friend... today i will upload MDC tourshirts... and it looks like i will do my 1000 shirt upload !!!!
  • Thanks, appreciated!
  • Thank you. Yeah, that patch is absolutely fucking wonderful!
  • Thanks! Always nice to see that other people like it just as much as I do.
  • yeah, hc punk pioneers !!!!! Great to see they still can deliver....

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