Metal band : Eyehategod

SIR STEWART WAL... with 16 entries
gizter with 14 entries
Slowly_I_Rot with 10 entries
An Overdose Of ... with 6 entries
vomitoxic with 5 entries
865drummer with 4 entries
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Recent Comments

  • thanks man. gotta thank you for getting me to give Gloom another try. been listening to them a lot since then.
  • Looks great :)
  • Goed begin!
  • Do you still have this? What size and in what condition is it ? It's hard to tell from the photo.
  • nice one mate, very powerful band live
  • Great work so far!
  • nice set list! and a couple from the new KILLER album!
  • Jealous as fuck...Want to see Paradise Lost so bad.
  • that AC/DC patch is great!
  • hey congrats!
  • Amazing.
  • Looks great! I couldn't do a simple vest myself I couldn't narrow down a select few bands.
  • Okay Nater! I will sell my black one and will intend to look for a blue one hah!
  • Anytime Steve, Yeah the blue is much more rare, I see black most the time I see it for sale / trade.
  • Yeah I saw it hah!! The blue border is rarer than the black border? Thanks Nater.
  • Only thing different is the border haha, Nothing else.

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