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Recent Comments

  • What size is this?
  • I do have a black denim jacket in which I dedicate it entirely to lacuna coil that was made out of white paint.
  • It's fine... I have more stuff to show anyways and like I said to other people working on a denim jacket
  • I am making a better one and have been listening to newer bands since the years that I've made this vest but it
  • That's OK we all have different opinions.
  • AMAZING!!!! Must be rare as FUKK
  • Honestly never thought I'd see that Megadeth patch (bottom left, first pic) sewn to a vest.
  • Thanks it totally is, none of these oldies in the states really. Yours is of course mint, mine is of course not.....
  • Five flames for rarity and the noisecore joke in the title :)
  • Not a fan of the design but it's really rare to see merch from these guys. Pretty cool!
  • Maybe Slayer, Anthrax, Sodom, Autopsy, etc.
  • Oh right, I dunno, maybe thrash or death?
  • Of course,i meant,any band suggestion?
  • I recommend adding those 4 patches on the front so u can finish the front side.
  • Sold it to alberto ;)
  • Ist zwar immer noch groß (auch mir) aber etwas kleiner ist es durchs waschen denke ich geworden.

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