Metal band : Doom

gizter with 17 entries
bls-georg-pantera with 9 entries
gloriousdeath with 8 entries
Freyjawulf with 7 entries
putlucht with 4 entries
MayhemWithKang with 4 entries
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Recent Comments

  • Hey man, please put up a lot of proper band names here or it will have to go into the recycling bin
  • Yeah sure, i just have a lot of "please wait, i can pay you next week" so i will put up everything later.
  • it is ;) thanks!
  • wo-man haha :D but thanks!
  • thanks! I'd never throw away any of that stuff :)
  • oh, it's still there on the vest, hehe... was never removed
  • thanks :)
  • Great one!
  • ty all ,, ;) yeahhh ..but please find titles like this shirt ... if you get ... am salute ,, my bro
  • thanks ,,, my bro
  • Super!
  • Agree, great album at that time
  • Yes , this is a mandatory requirement metallica shirt collection hehehe
  • Hands down my favorite vest out of everyone i have ever seen.
  • hahahaaha :)
  • Cool as!! I'm not sure there was one with dates?? I used to own a muscle version, but with US Tour 84. No dates.

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