Metal band : Dirty Rotten Imbeciles

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Recent Comments

  • Stink it up!
  • Mighty!!
  • Unglaublich!!
  • Shitty concert? Obituary killed in Berlin!
  • Killer!!
  • Met Brother Licksore too wearing his old carcass gem he got from Brother Tormentor ;-) Shirt freaks unite !!!
  • Awesome shirt, awesome puns but shitty concert to be honest.
  • Gracias! Sí tío estuvo wapo el concierto, el colega está loco perdido! jajaja!!
  • Hammerteil!! Die Platte kann einiges.
  • Yeah Warrant rules! but honestly i don´t like so much the design of this shirt.
  • Great band, Love their old logo.
  • Yeah, wasn't the cheapest. It's hard to find a decent Agent Steel shirt, so what can you do..
  • Ah cool, Thanks for the info. My screw on spikes won't come off, I use Loctite ;)
  • Yeah. Just normal studs. They stay pretty good.
  • Dunno what the hell you just said, but you have a point I guess..personally I like the crappy colors on this shirt.
  • Ja, ich hab auch lange auf ein vernünftiges Agent Steel Shirt gewartet.

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