Metal band : Dirty Rotten Imbeciles

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Recent Comments

  • One of my favourite backpatches! I absolutely love it.
  • I agree with PForx, the vest looks killer! Especially the denim color is great. You should definitely wear it!
  • Damn nice, what a rotten vest! Love it! Hopefully my main vest somewhen looks like this aswell!
  • Fuck dude. This is awesome!
  • whaaaaaa???
  • Got the chance to see this show opening up for my dying bride - they were brilliant and so special Sorry for the muddy s
  • Dddaaaaaaamn!!!!!
  • haha不过ashbury这标做的真好看
  • My 1st or 2'nd favorite Metalpunk band!!
  • This is amazing to see.
  • Sick buttons! Where did you buy them?
  • Yeah, this is a well-made licensed product :)
  • Thanks . I was thinking of studding it actually. Maybe wear it to a show once in a while Bl
  • Nice.
  • I've been there at night quite often. As a matter of fact the last bunch of pictures where also taken at night.
  • I like this. A smaller version could be pretty cool

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