Metal band : Dead Congregation

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Chemical Burn
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Marcel Hubregtse
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Uninvited Guest
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Gods Will Be Done - High on Hate from
C Reg


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Recent Comments

  • thanks dude :)
  • thanks..now saving for a set for my guests haha
  • If you like go get it nex year...had to wait for two months or longer..plus its pretty expencive :)
  • "Angel Dust" does it for me more than "The Real Thing" I haven't heard the live one youre talki
  • "American luck, to bad we`re Canucks!" :).
  • very nice shirt !!!!
  • oh..interesting..haha.., well..1 of my friends was also hooked by them..at their first tune...but for me it took some ti
  • damn nice shirt... too bad it's cut up, but still a killer shirt
  • gesigned mit autogramm von waters fürn 20i.. glückspilz! :D
  • great catch and good that you discovered them... otherwise you would have missed out on a great band
  • ach komm, 25€ für slayer sind berechtigt - war ja auch nur ne ausnahme :D
  • Surprisingly when I heard them the first time, I was instantly hooked.
  • Awesome!!
  • Totally new for me. GREAT
  • Contacted Ced and would take care of it and get me the CD signed and then i send it to you brother :)!
  • true words and i think u are totaly right..haha..

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