Metal band : Dead Congregation

Pier with 13 entries
Marcel Hubregtse with 4 entries
Satanjugend with 4 entries
Uninvited Guest with 3 entries
Chemical Burn with 3 entries
malik with 3 entries
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Recent Comments

  • Very nice, especially the back!
  • very nice shirt. i also got one, but unfortunately mine is too big for me.
  • haha... yeah, some grey bastard banging his head; man, i'm getting old haha ...
  • Great shirt, So fucking excited to see them in September \m/
  • yep, it's the same; 3 original members and 2 new guys .... good to see them live at last.....
  • argh beutiful! what pickups are they?
  • damn, that's awesome !!!! As a collector this would be one of the highlights of any collection...
  • I know and I feel really bad. I literally tried to edit it the minute after but i couldnt.
  • De que tipo es el patch de Megaton? Por cuanto lo quieres?
  • thanx mate... we had a lot of fun ... too bad it had to end like this, but atleast we got to see some great bands
  • It is for sale ;-)
  • Nice stuff mate, Great to see King Parrot on here! Need to get that patch myself.
  • Hmm...Alestorm, Bolt Thrower, HammerFall, Helloween, Devin Townsend, Periphery, Bolzer, Behemoth, Watain, Halestorm
  • Very nice! I just ordered a set of these too. Do you know roughly the measurements of the poster?
  • Haha.....no,no. A clue.....they're coming here later on this year.
  • Going out on a limb and guessing either The Misfits or The Sex Pistols?

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