Metal band : Dead Congregation

Pier with 13 entries
Satanjugend with 4 entries
Chemical Burn with 4 entries
Marcel Hubregtse with 4 entries
satanicbloodgoat with 3 entries
Formshifter with 3 entries
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Usul - Flames and Blasphemy - Enshroud into Forgotten from

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Recent Comments

  • terima kasih untuk api... kalo nak, boleh order kat Bomber Recs... rasanya ada lagi...
  • Amboiiii...... Nak!!! :p
  • Excellent!
  • Hey man! Still got this?
  • what's your price on it?
  • Cheers man! Had that Anthrax for over 20 years.
  • Amazing collection. This is deemable to open your own metal shirt museum along everything else you have!
  • Fetter BP und eine sehr gute Auswahl an Bands :)
  • YES! Hypocrisy and Vader are my dream bands to see. I can't stop looking at this shirt...
  • Nice collection dude
  • killer tee,no doubt
  • r.i.p. SOB!full flames
  • Beautiful
  • hehe, mate i wish i had a spare one to give you, this is a prize possession in my collection as the same as my abducted
  • Wato!!! What's the story behind this shirt? Who made it?
  • My favourite Hypocrisy album, one of my top bands...

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