Metal band : Dead Congregation

Pier with 13 entries
Satanjugend with 5 entries
Marcel Hubregtse with 4 entries
dthknll with 3 entries
satanicbloodgoat with 3 entries
Formshifter with 3 entries
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Which TShirt?

Recent Comments

  • That Dopesmoker BP looks killer!
  • Wish I went! Best cruise line-up ever
  • That Candlemass patch is gorgeous, great kutte
  • Thanks mate. Yeah it's modern 100%. These were sold at Hot Topic in the US, printed 5 or 6yrs ago.
  • Killer backpatch! My personal favorite album!
  • Pure beauty!
  • Got lucky Doc - contacted a long-time collector just as he was thinking of selling.. :)
  • zeker.... het volledige artwork is ook gaaf... maar dit ziet er ook mooi uit; kleuren zijn in het echt nog beter......
  • ah yeah, now that you mention it !!!! Great band !!!!!
  • haha... you got it mate... well, at least at sunday morning haha... i'm a part-time zombie haha
  • yeah... well.. sometimes i'm not sure about that hahaha
  • yep... but a bitch to take descent pix... something's wrong with my camera... or with me as photographer haha
  • aha, very good haha.... nice band !!!!!
  • Where?
  • thanx my friend... got this on either from Remedy Records or Hellion... can't recall anymore
  • Pretty sure Phobia records has it.

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