Metal band : Coroner

slaytanic1 with 21 entries
NISSE666 with 8 entries
Grave Dancer with 8 entries
Rotten with 7 entries
IronMason with 7 entries
Vertigo with 7 entries
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Recent Comments

  • yep, simple but cool
  • thanx mate... Holland's finest !!!!!
  • yeah, me too.... i always wear hoodies !!!!
  • yeah... a baphomet is always a win haha
  • Awesome as always!
  • would love to have this one on my denim jacket. i´m happy i had seen WEHRMACHT live with the original line-up
  • yep.. i wonder if my christian fellow citizens think the same haha
  • yeah... its cool... but also sad... he does have some financial problems...
  • Wow, probably my favorite vest on here so far, official patches, awesome theme etc etc
  • Thanks :)
  • I've got this Jersey, It's very cool!!!! Was possible to buy this shirt also Reading 82 (UK) Great The Number
  • fucking sick!!
  • Amazing shirt!!!
  • Total Fucking Shirt!!!! This tee deserves 10 flames!!! Someone told me that there is a white muscle-shirt version, but I
  • The electric blue print makes it hypnotizingly addictive to look at. 8)
  • These full dynamic range reissues look and sound fantastic!

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