Metal band : Coroner

slaytanic1 with 21 entries
NISSE666 with 8 entries
IronMason with 7 entries
Angel Medina with 7 entries
Rotten with 7 entries
Left to Die by Night with 6 entries
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Recent Comments

  • Thank you sir!
  • Hahahahaha I think it's every Metalheads' problem! Thank you for your comment!
  • I've heard mixed things about this one but I'll still give it a shot.
  • Thanks! This is another one I had when I was younger but don't know what happened to it.
  • Thanks man! Had this one a long time ago and don't know what happened to it so I decided to get another one.
  • I've seen that around on eBay haha. Would love to grab that one day.
  • damn nice design, was thinking about to buy it at a merchstore...but...alrdy bought 5 other shirts.haha..i wish i could
  • I always wanted this patch, it's my obsession haha It's beautiful :D
  • Raven are cool...i dont have this one..but i still like the cover :)
  • nice one, u have a rly good taste my friend :)
  • very very nice dude :)
  • lol dude...what a nice press u have :D its like Iron Maiden's - Asesinos ..haha
  • great layout, I love it
  • Beautiful design and great band dude, it's freaking awesome, I hope have it soon too.
  • haha....cchheerrrssss

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