Metal band : Coroner

slaytanic1 with 21 entries
NISSE666 with 8 entries
Grave Dancer with 8 entries
Rotten with 7 entries
IronMason with 7 entries
Vertigo with 7 entries
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Recent Comments

  • always good to finally catch a much wanted item... but then there's the next one... and the next one hahaha
  • Yes the book is great, i had fun reading it, the most surprising thing was to find out that Derek Riggs is a bit bitter
  • this band deserves more attention ... pretty much underrated i think....
  • It's the original ... well maybe someone will make a boot of this shirt, would be nice :)
  • Thank you .. really happy to finally own this one. Looooong search ended :)
  • Thanks a lot mate :)
  • Thank you :)
  • Thanks ... it really is :)
  • Thank you ... have to agree :)
  • Thanks ... found that one at the bay :)
  • Thank you :)
  • Thanks a lot :)
  • Thank you ... yeah happy to have that one. Don't know if there are other Cerebral Fix patches
  • Haha and you have all of the shirts !!!
  • Thank you :)
  • Cool ... not a big fan of the back, but the front is cool

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