Metal band : Coroner

slaytanic1 with 21 entries
NISSE666 with 8 entries
Grave Dancer with 7 entries
IronMason with 7 entries
Rotten with 7 entries
Judas Priestess with 6 entries
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Recent Comments

  • wang ke lou shang liang sb hai hao me? wo dai biao hang zhou ren wen hou ni men de mu qin!!
  • zhen de xiao si wo le jing ye mu qin dian feng zhi zuo!!!
  • Thanks!!
  • I believe the Behexen one is a bootleg for sure from HHR.
  • Gore Metal and Slaughtercult are the only albums i'm familiar with, then i lost track on them.
  • I agree, i really dig the "MMX" demo with its Necrovoresque vibe which permeates the whole tape.
  • I have windhand, church of misery, those poor bastards, and pittsburgh steelers (yep) embroidered patches, and a black s
  • Nice !
  • Oh! Thank you meaningless!
  • It's a chilean-swedish black death band, they released a demotape and an ep so far.
  • Yeah! I got this from last december and I´m glad to have one, I would like to get maybe a pair more.
  • One of the best boots I've seen for this album so far.
  • Thank you very much Cata, you are growing fast man!
  • Brauch die !
  • even i like this band..haha ;) ..nice LP
  • impressive

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