Metal band : Coroner

slaytanic1 with 21 entries
NISSE666 with 8 entries
Grave Dancer with 8 entries
Vertigo with 7 entries
Angel Medina with 7 entries
Rotten with 7 entries
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Recent Comments

  • sick collection man, alot of great bands
  • Oooohhhh Fuck, total cult!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fanatix room!
  • Number 9/100?! Thats not bad at all :)
  • It came with a great price so i couldn´t say no! :)
  • Thanks again! :)
  • I have barely scratched my to-buy list! I have to find a nice girl with the same musictaste :)
  • Thanks man! You'll see these pop up on eBay every once in awhile.
  • Thanks! :)
  • mate, ive got alot of respect for the amount of work you have put in here, this is one mighty display.
  • Haha! It came with the shirt and the album :)
  • Oh, yes! ...and of course you got it! Haha!
  • great longsleeve, great band
  • It truly is, thanks!
  • Haha! I will try to do that :)
  • Have the album...had to have the promo when the opportunity was there :)
  • Thank you...that god damn curse! Haha!

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