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Recent Comments

  • awesome backpatch, never seen it before
  • One of this band is not Nirvana. It's Nirvana 2002.
  • nee, ze waren er in verschillende maten... ik was er helaas een beetje laat bij, dus XL en L al verkocht... dit is een M
  • Nice bundle! Shirt dat werd bijgeleverd one size? Lijkt een beetje klein
  • feiner Backpath : )
  • Aw fair enough. My apologies. Easy to get carried away. Cheers
  • excellent ^^
  • Hahahaha took a long time to find!
  • This Loudness patch !!!
  • My favourite album of this fantastic band. Great shirt!
  • Fucking awesome front design!
  • got to grab me one too
  • Alex does really some of the most crazy and hysterical vocals ever !!!!
  • yes, unfortunately there was much rivalry between Dutch bands back in the day...
  • Haha, i just listened to that one, fuck this is really great!!!!!
  • yep.... another cool old school Dutch band

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