Metal band : Blue Cheer

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Recent Comments

  • Oh niiice, a Clowns show is always a fun time, the Clowns patch was actually the first one I put on.
  • Thanks man, no idea what size I am but it'd be a lot smaller than this haha.
  • Nice selection of bands.
  • Very sweet patch brother. I messaged you about it. \m/
  • it's a bottom
  • Awesome shirt!!!
  • one of those shirts, belongs to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • thanks!
  • large, but fits like a medium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! regards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hoeveel wil je hier voor?
  • Bolt Thrower Twice...you are one lucky man, good stuff.
  • beautiful longsleeve
  • This is bad as hell!!! The scorpions are a big part of how I grew up a rocker!
  • ARGH!! Killer Vest!
  • Fettes Teil, schön dass du draufmachst was dir gefällt
  • Nice! Looking great!

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