Did we need all that shoes here at TSS?

Fri, 18/04/2014 - 12:20
Should only band related shoes stay here at TShirtSlayer or are Hi-tops a way of life for you and boots are kickin ass?



Only band related shoes should stay!!!




should be gone!






wtf?..only shoes with band names on them should be on the site..like vans and sudge! :)


It is true, TSS should remain SOLE-LESS!


i agree with our Doc. Its to much 'regular fashion'..imo. Yes i know, all the thrash and death bands were wearing this high-tops on their old band-pics. but thats just because ALL and every1 was wearing this kind of shoes back in days. ..now - its just a fashion-thing...
but thats just me ;)


I think even I might have a pair of old smelly boots on here that should be deleted too, I'm putting my hand up for this!


and I will delete my smelly hi-tops, too


delete them ! , great poll mate . well done.


kicked ´em away

Judas Priestess

Yeah I agree with the above comments, shoes have nothing to do with music. I came here to see metal, not old, dirty sneakers :p


Only boots picture I have is with some metal lp's so that shouldn't be deleted I'd hope. But otherwise I agree.


I put up some boots on here for sale a while back because I figured someone here would appreciate a cheap pair, but as far as "Hey guise look @ my new shoes," yeah there's no need for that here.


Posting shoes that have nothing to do with a band is kinda like posting a plain black tshirt... pointless.

Any item that has nothing to do with a band has no place on TSS imo.


Agree. When I first time seen hi-tops posted here I was waiting for people posting their sandals or chicks posting high heels. It's not a fashion site so show some metal items, instead your dirty boots.


I definitly think we don't need them here. I always thought the same about people posting their leather/denim jackets before patching it up as their '' naked battle jacket'' or whatever pointless. I mean a (sleeveless) denim or leather jacket can be bought everywhere and has nothing to do with bands IMO.
Thats said I don't care if the shoes and empty jackets stay, I simply think they are uneccesary and out of place. But if they stay I simply won't click on them. Just treat them the same as bandmerch of bands I don't like.

Just curious then, if we are against shoes because they are not really metal but only uploaded because they are used by the artists back in the day blabla. What about posting instruments? An Gibson Les Paul isn't metal out of itself you know.. you might use it yourself for metal and metalartists used it but the guitar itself isn't metal form itself. I mean people like Joe Bonamasa use them. How about uploading those guitars? Is it the same as with shoes?


shoes are made, consumed and thrown out. classic guitars live for ever!


LOL I think I'll make some patch socks to post.




so far there is not 1 comment in support of "non band related shoes" .


yeah it's odd how there are some votes "for the shoes" but no comments for the shoes? we need to find out who it was ;)


100th voter. We need ONLY band related stuff


Let's keep it metal-related only.


if it are metal related shoes ;P


all shoes should fuck off from the site.


Fuck the hi-tops fashion bullshit.



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