Witchfinder General Patch

LonewolfTue, 17/04/2012 - 05:11
Not for sale or trade
Patch - Witchfinder General Patch
Patch - Witchfinder General Patch



Damn fucking great, gotta love WFG!


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Recent Comments

  • Thanks Ryan!
  • Never thought I'd see a shirt from this band!
  • Good luck in someday Johnny!
  • lmao
  • fine pic :)
  • cchheerrsss :D hope it was a great night :D
  • full flames for supporting BT :D haha
  • prefering white..but anyway :D
  • nice...and now..HOW was it?...good? great?
  • beside Maiden tours...i guess this was/is one of the best Merch-selling tours here in europe ..since years..lol
  • its very nice..and i was very surprised to see it at the merch-table!...but without backprint?..nah...with any kind of a
  • Thanks. I love this collection! EMI did a masterful job with these reissues. Very satisfying visuals.
  • Thanks. I love it!
  • very cool - I like they kept the albums on a single disc instead of stretching them out to double discs and its also rea
  • looks like a winning combo to me - except I'm a dunkin donuts guy but you can't go wrong w/ free coffee (or fr
  • It's awesome! Try some Raspberry Wheat Shock Top while you're at it.

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