Witchfinder General Patch

LonewolfTue, 17/04/2012 - 05:11
Not for sale or trade
Patch - Witchfinder General Patch
Patch - Witchfinder General Patch



Damn fucking great, gotta love WFG!


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Recent Comments

  • Love the album and the vinyl looks really good but what I don't understand is why release an album that is just one
  • i got one of these today as well, for dirt cheap.
  • Many thanks bro, I really appreciate that, it took me a long time to have some patches, and already I'm waiting oth
  • Gracias carnal haha Ah sido un gran esfuerzo pero ahí la llevo xD Yo el que quiero ver ya es el tuyo!
  • nice to hear :) thank you
  • Best Metallica tribute i've ever seen . Favourited !!
  • the paint is special for wearing ;)
  • If you have anything you'd like to trade PM me as I have a Sabbat UK patch that you might want. Cheers
  • Awesome!
  • thx very much :) Woven would be better..but ok..haha
  • oh rly?..well..there it is :D ...looking for 10+ years..and now i can call it my own..im rly happy..lol
  • oh yes, HRR is the best for vinyl releases!
  • oh yes..oh yes..., a few mins ago..i bought their very first 7" ..hahaha ;)
  • cchheerrrsss :D
  • thx my friend :)
  • thx very much and yeah..this record is rly not that bad

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