Witchfinder General Patch

LonewolfTue, 17/04/2012 - 05:11
Not for sale or trade
Patch - Witchfinder General Patch
Patch - Witchfinder General Patch



Damn fucking great, gotta love WFG!


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  • damn, dont think it ever got to the new user this fast.
  • Dude, fucking awesome!
  • Great shit!
  • incredible, there are people here listening to these pioneers. only 8 posts about this band on this site are there patch
  • These are the ones i was on about! ace shoes man haha
  • Pm me!
  • oldschool xl
  • Damn that was fast!!!!
  • great ! sound good maybe we could made a deal !
  • Thats awesome! The package lives on!!
  • Cheers mate!
  • Cheers mate!
  • Thanks bro!
  • Thanks a lot my friend!
  • This one at Hellsheadbangers is a different version I think
  • I made them, sorta...more like I went to a place where the business is clothes and textiles printing and got these patc

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