Witchfinder General Patch

LonewolfTue, 17/04/2012 - 05:11
Not for sale or trade
Patch - Witchfinder General Patch
Patch - Witchfinder General Patch



Damn fucking great, gotta love WFG!


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Recent Comments

  • Great album and DVD, Really enjoyed it!
  • whoever it goes to ,where ever it goes , - dont delay posting it forward . keep it fun .
  • Love that this thing is still being tossed around the globe - fucking rad!!
  • no way ! , it has arrived ! \m/ 5flames. i am keen to see the actionshots pic
  • I'de like to see it go outside of Europe this time.. perhaps Israel? or NewZealand? Singapore? up to you :)
  • All good bro! I've got more BPs then I can poke a stick at.
  • and then add a link to the actionshot from the http://tshirtslayer.com/other-collectable/something-mail-just-fun-package
  • cool man! can you post some close up pictures to the actionshots please? we want to see what is new!
  • Thanks bro ;)
  • Haha sorry,but the Pestilence BP will go to Germany the next week. Dubtibre was the man!
  • No sorry ... only this one
  • Yeah that's a great bp to replace the Pestilence. Nice score!
  • Amazing!
  • Cool, Will have a listen!
  • They are good IMO. I enjoyed watching both bands.
  • Ah fair enough. I should check Decapitated out....

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