Tue, 17/04/2012 - 23:24
Sale or Trade
Patch - sale


Doctor Butcher

how much were you asking for this thing man?


Stupendous patch, too bad i'm hopelessly broke right now :P


Looking good man, is it still unused though?


i am interested in your patch!! see my porfile!


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Recent Comments

  • Still available?
  • I got this from him, awesome shirt!
  • Oh yes, it is. I hope one day I will have every vinyl Edition of this release, and this was another good step forward.
  • Thank you! Planning on getting some more stuff soon.
  • Now that's what i call a good looking pic-disc.
  • Nice! I had one in XL, but managed to get one in M so i traded mine with Nekromantik.
  • hammer Teil
  • Very nice. Do you have to have any these NunSlaughter bps for trade/sale?
  • thats a very cool tribute
  • thank you
  • I lol'd #IshouldntbutIdidandIenjoyedit
  • I draw the line after Chaos A.D., although I sorta dig Roots, but haven't listened to it much anymore, compared to
  • Fantastic shirt...love the input Nokturnal Mortem always has with designs.
  • Pffft, You don't even like em. Great collection mate!!
  • Some killer bands! Have a great time mate!
  • Sure is! Just found that out. Only knew of Treblinka now known as Tiamat.

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