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Thu, 19/04/2012 - 14:10
Not for sale or trade
Patch - recently bought patches



killer patches, specially the Dream Evil


thx man !


Love that Dio patch dude!

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Recent Comments

  • nice shirt, i think 1997
  • Hi bro! Is it still available?
  • Nice idea with the backpatch.
  • Thanks mate1 This will do until i find the original for a fair price...
  • Looks good man! I bet it shits ya that it's 3/4 row on one side and 4/4 on the other! ;)
  • Nice!
  • Incubus. Great album!
  • Nice one, I have the longsleeve version myself.
  • This is awesome, great patches and I love the layout, full but not cluttered. looks like it can breathe.
  • Killer!!
  • victorian metal \m/ ( ballarat isnt melb. ) ;) great purified in pain era shirt man \m/ full 5flames
  • I'm sorry I sold this one, see my udpated trade collection
  • Ja, da hab ich nicht lang überlegt! Mit Versand 13€ für n Shirt. Passt.
  • 5€??? Fett!
  • Ja, hatte völlig vergessen dass ich das bestellt habe. Das ist mir auch noch nicht passiert. :D
  • Hi bro, Uncle acid and the deadbeats is still available?

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