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Thu, 19/04/2012 - 14:10
Not for sale or trade
Patch - recently bought patches



killer patches, specially the Dream Evil


thx man !


Love that Dio patch dude!

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Recent Comments

  • Oh man, this one is really good.
  • ja klopt ze hebben een facebook kun je het shirt en single en tape kopen hoe old school is dat hahahh
  • Yes mate sent! Must arrive soon
  • Thanks
  • I think the same \m/
  • It doesn't make justice to the album itself but it looks better in person though
  • yes, absolutley.... a recent find.... it's in pretty bad shape.... but i just had to have it !!!!!!
  • they definitely are.... think i got to go and see them 20 september when they tour here close to me....
  • yes, pretty cool shirt i think
  • haha... okay... when i die... this one will be for you
  • very cool minimal patches, maximum style
  • Whoah, nice!
  • hahaha..yep...i have them all...but i didnt bought any singles.
  • i just love this fucking clip..from the start to the end...hahahaha...its so funny!..and my Fave Pain album i must say
  • aha..interesting...for me, his best work with Pain was 'Nothing remains the same'..thats the album, which i ha
  • maybe..yeah..

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