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Mon, 25/08/2014 - 21:21

Please make an offer.
Looking for :
Slayer - Hell Awaits (vintage)
Type O Negative patches
Offer what you have.

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Recent Comments

  • Nice! One of the messiest jackets I've ever seen.
  • Amazing shirt from a legendary cult act!
  • Kyllä ne on ihan ommeltu :D Näkyyhän noissa nuo tikit. Ompelin silleen reunan myötäisesti, en reunan yli.
  • Great Shirt!! I love it!!
  • Amazing collection of patches dude !
  • Eka luulin et oot omellu noi kiinni mut ilmeisesti liimannu?
  • Woops, something went wrong and I couldn't write the rest.
  • Thanks! It surely is!
  • Yea I decided to take pics myself when the shirt arrived. Absolutely loving this! Thanks again!
  • excellent !
  • Amazing. So bummed never got to see them with Nick Tart.
  • Really great bands on this vest. nice!
  • very nice layout. i hope my next one to look something like this.
  • It's Dimmu Borgir on the right sleeve, but I think you meant that Moloch patch. Great looking jacket indeed!
  • Thanks, dude!
  • fucking awesome. added to favourites. looks like alot of patch hunting went into it.

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Sat, 18/10/2014 - 21:18

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