New patches to trade!

Sat, 10/03/2012 - 15:02

All patches are fully woven except for the Megadeth Peace Sells, which is Printed.
Overkill I have 2 left (limited to 50!)
Open to all offers :D

Trade Only
Patch - New patches to trade!



Hey! Take a look at my patches, perhaps you might find something of your interest!


Check my patches for trade
you may find something you want


Interested in selling maybe?

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Recent Comments

  • Send me your price What you have in mind
  • it should be there and cheers on the boss ass patch
  • how much?
  • I bet I'd look fabulous wearing those shorts 7u7 :v
  • how much for municipal waste and slayer
  • I've literally just traded some patches you're looking for stuff I don't even need anymore at this point.
  • what are you looking for
  • Doom always kicks ass.
  • Thx mate, really a high quality shirt!
  • Thx man ;)
  • Cheers Craig
  • Looks great! Quality seems very nice.
  • thanks.
  • Nice to know that you are working at Japanese company :) Please be careful not to spoil your cool shirts with automotiv
  • Hey man! These have been sold out for a while now!
  • Woah, this is the first time I've seen a patch from my own band on here! Cool vest!

Something in the mail

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