New patches to trade!

Sat, 10/03/2012 - 15:02

All patches are fully woven except for the Megadeth Peace Sells, which is Printed.
Overkill I have 2 left (limited to 50!)
Open to all offers :D

Trade Only
Patch - New patches to trade!



Hey! Take a look at my patches, perhaps you might find something of your interest!


Check my patches for trade
you may find something you want


Interested in selling maybe?

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Recent Comments

  • Un poco más que la de Marduk..aunque jo sé exactamente cuánto
  • Werde solche layouts echt nie verstehen...
  • The front looks absolutely perfect, but there's too much going on on the back, in my opinion.
  • Thx, man. You´ve got some rare shit too! The green one is from 1996 , if I remember correctly.
  • Thx. :-)
  • thx dude :) and btw...the box is still available @FlogaRecords.
  • very nice!!
  • Awesome taste in tunes mate.
  • Is it still available? PM me please. :)
  • That looks SOOOO GOOD!
  • thanks
  • wonder what would happend if Kyuss had the sound of Slo burn or Unida in their albums.
  • Haha! Don´t :)
  • their last but not least! love it!
  • never seen the album book before, this one needs too a remastering, the instruments are barely hearing in this one.
  • Great album but it should be remastered, needs to be louder IMO

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