New patches to trade!

Sat, 10/03/2012 - 15:02

All patches are fully woven except for the Megadeth Peace Sells, which is Printed.
Overkill I have 2 left (limited to 50!)
Open to all offers :D

Trade Only
Patch - New patches to trade!



Hey! Take a look at my patches, perhaps you might find something of your interest!


Check my patches for trade
you may find something you want


Interested in selling maybe?

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Recent Comments

  • Jo, efter Halmstad gick det lite neråt. Det håller jag med om! Tackar!
  • vielen dank :)
  • Everything about this compilation is beautiful. Thanks for the flames!
  • Klopt, op de grens van belgie nederland staat ook een hele zooi. Maar ik groningen/friesland zijn ze niet te vinden.
  • Sometimes you're lucky on eBay. I'm not in that category.
  • ik woon aan de kust in zuid holland, totaale dorp was ontruimt in de oorloog en gebruikt om de toegang naar de Rotterdam
  • There were good times indeed but it led to some dark shit along the way and that I think is a major reason half of the g
  • Totally beautiful.
  • Jag lovar att gräva i mitt halvförruttnade avloppshål som även kallas hjärna.
  • Yes I'm glad you all feel the same way because I get carried away when I write and all of a sudden I've writte
  • Great man, those things often make the best (and most unique) backpatches.
  • Waar woon je ergens in NL? Wil der ook wel eens heen, in het noorden is echt niks.
  • Right you are! and some idiot sold on eBay sold it for $10-$15. An amazing EP, did not hesitate when I bought this.
  • We gotta see them together one day, mate!
  • Ha! Sounds like good times to me. Damn awesome you know many creative people and share experiences with them.
  • Thanks! That Avskum patch was an old t-shirt that was too small haha!

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