Entombed bootleg patch

Mon, 16/04/2012 - 08:19

I'm looking for old Slayer, Overkill and oldschool woven death metal patches

Trade Only
Patch - Entombed bootleg patch



I want to get my hands on one of these \m/ Love it!


cool patch. I also have it on my vest (still under construction), but the yellow border is now black.


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Recent Comments

  • Thanks dude
  • Thanks dude, only 50 of them were made
  • Thanks bro
  • !
  • Jaw just dropped
  • Nice one, I have the same one but your print seems to be a bit lighter. Is this also a black print on black shirt?
  • Fabulous!!! I don't know the one in the lower left corner.
  • what are the measurements on this one?
  • Sweet!
  • I love all these glitter patches combined! You must be easy to spot when the light hits your jacket :)
  • Jajaja qué coincidencia, acabo de escuchar este album y me encuentro con esta perfecta camiseta, tu colección no me deja
  • Stunning shirt for sure.
  • So did the LS not have the "Hell Was Full" back design at all?
  • Yeah, it's been quite a while! That sounds ideal, will be looking forward to see it completed!
  • DSP Deathcrush? Nice collection \m/
  • Awesome collection!

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