Def Leppard - Patch

Sun, 22/12/2013 - 05:36

Def Leppard patch... no idea why I still have this!!

Not for sale or trade
Def Leppard - Patch


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Recent Comments

  • Feel free to fill in the blanks!
  • 你先AW BP! :)
  • I don't know, but there is a little sticker on the back: sunshinepins.com, that's the only clue.
  • Thanks mate! Same here!
  • Thank you! You´re right!
  • kult...
  • excellent vintage longsleeve!!! the best...
  • Well if you opened one, i would be your first costumer ;)
  • Great collection. Some really nice patches in there.
  • I like the layout. Good selection of bands. Stick that huge Faustcoven patch on the back though man! That is killer!
  • Looks killer! Great band.
  • On a side note, I totally forgot about our trade for the Disharmonic Orchestra 7", but ill post it this weekend
  • I know what you mean, I dont wear it often but its a cool shirt
  • I'll admit its not the best looking shirt, but being from California I have a soft spot for tie-dye shirts, so an U
  • This is gonna be grimy and nasty lookin'. Can't wait to see more.
  • Euro, forget to write it

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