Def Leppard - Patch

Sun, 22/12/2013 - 05:36

Def Leppard patch... no idea why I still have this!!

Not for sale or trade
Def Leppard - Patch


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Recent Comments

  • Nice Vinyl..
  • Great t-shirt!! I love this behind the mirror artwork \m/
  • Very nice LP will be seeing them June 6th..
  • A awesome vinyl..
  • Up for trade or sale now
  • Another killer upload mate. Great shirt! Inhave the green logo version and also a white shirt version.
  • Awesome BP..
  • A great looking shirt..
  • One nice shirt you have there..
  • Thanks a ton! Cheers!
  • Thanks. I'm glad you liked it!
  • Nice shirt..
  • damn...u saw Ministry in a nice club?..great!!..i never saw them live...i bet it was bad ass...when i read ur discriptio
  • 卖家叫我拿到以后给他拍照的
  • Dismember和Iron Maiden不是前几天才见你成交么,这么快就拿到了
  • very nice shirt, indeed!

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