Death Angel - Act III (woven Patch) [gone]

Tue, 17/04/2012 - 13:33

unused official woven patch. this patch is still original packed.

EDIT: gone

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ach, damn. beim Nickname verschrieben...


macht nichts...

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  • wait, they played in my hometown in Belgium??? crap, i wasn't born back then still, awesome shirt!
  • Holy shit, well its seen better days I can say that much
  • 50 euros, the problem is the train is also 50 euro total and i am just a poor student
  • Idd, most album-cover merch doesn't do the trick for me, so it's sometimes indeed quite the search to find som
  • Simple, yet cool, just like OTOH's music.
  • Wow, looks really good.
  • That are the costs, split in 50 pieces....no profit for me inhere, all for the love of the band ;-)
  • Not that big of a Weedeater-fan. I like Jason the Dragon, but that's pretty much it.
  • Awesome selection, man!
  • how much is a faith no more ticket ?
  • this is why we need 10 flames!!!
  • I like it, but 10? mmm...
  • Haha yeah! I can really relate to that :D Gladly for me I had a little bit of luck on my side when finding this.
  • Thanks! The first one is my personal favourite. ;)
  • Da is ja die KDJ :D. Wieder aufm Valley dieses Jahr? Ich meine die Kutte letztes Jahr dort auch gesehen zu haben ^^
  • Great layout and some killer band's on there. Good work! \m/

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