Death Angel - Act III (woven Patch) [gone]

Tue, 17/04/2012 - 13:33

unused official woven patch. this patch is still original packed.

EDIT: gone

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ach, damn. beim Nickname verschrieben...


macht nichts...

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  • Wahnsinn, im positiven Sinne.
  • What Odiumediae said Great shirt!
  • what you are looking for in a trade?
  • Nah, everybody has their favourite albums or songs.
  • Thanks so much for the compliments!
  • Pm
  • Thanks man! Cheers!!
  • hi still got it? what price for this original pressing would you say?
  • Nice one!
  • makes it 10 times more awesome that it says Pizza Hut down by his leg
  • Fuckn hell, man. That's killer!
  • Haha, that's actually good, so you'll get most shirt designs now, because XL is almost always available.
  • Strange Design
  • I don't see Pink Floyd, but with that Slayer back patch it owuld be a lie to say it didn't start well.
  • i got a XXL, but you know with Gildan, XXL falls bigger than with Fruit.
  • This vest looks fucking great! Love the Venom, Aura Noir, Celtic Frost like on the back and that Anaal Nathrakh patch.

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