Death Angel - Act III (woven Patch) [gone]

Tue, 17/04/2012 - 13:33

unused official woven patch. this patch is still original packed.

EDIT: gone

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ach, damn. beim Nickname verschrieben...


macht nichts...

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  • awesome shirt, from the single the world keeps turning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Killer shots man but I think my favorite part might be that patched fisherman hat
  • I'd also say check out Burning Fortune by them.
  • Interesting... not really my thing, but it's enjoyable enough.
  • Please send me info with shipping to America Thanks
  • PLease send me info via PM for all this lot. Thanks
  • That's a cool Maiden Japan
  • Thanks! \m/
  • Well that's something you don't see very often
  • Really killer shirt
  • Hi....prefer sell this great tees?? how much??
  • 5 flames
  • How much do you sell one of these? I have a spot free on my vest..
  • Wicked hoodie and song! Was the very first Slipknot song I heard. Amazing live too!
  • Welcome. Ah cool, Limited is cool so not many people have it so its special but then its hard to find!
  • Awesome guitar! I grew up on Fender guitars, I still love them, but nothing beats a Gibson

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