Blind Guardian strip patch

Tue, 17/04/2012 - 03:46
Not for sale or trade
Patch - Blind Guardian strip patch

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Recent Comments

  • nice! lighter tabs zijn ook altijd vet.
  • thx a lot :)
  • oh yes...i love this E.P. too..its so fucking great
  • just can agree. I saw them last tuesday, in Ljubljana/Slovenia :)
  • oh yes..it was...very cool and a lot of fun :)
  • thx, cchheerrrsss :)
  • yeah..indeed, thx a lot :)
  • hey..that sounds pretty cool..hahaha..reminds me on the good very-old days..haha
  • yeah...and i can keep the original safe in my closet..lol
  • oh yes..we had..it was great :D
  • thx very much, its cool to have this classic shirt again
  • ah cool..good to know. I can remember the guys.
  • Nice! Great old school style.
  • wow, awesome shirt!
  • Terrific! One can never have a complete Urfaust collection for sure, but that's already a great deal! full flames.
  • Thanks

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