Anthrax Judge Dredd BP- For Swap/Sale

AussieheadbangerFri, 18/11/2011 - 05:13

Anthrax Judge Dredd BP- For Swap/Sale

Sale or Trade



The one and only Anthrax album (and song :D)


I have two, I want to sell or trade this one.


That's cool!
You might want to have a look at this. Maybe there's something you want.


Thanks dude!


awesome back patch \m/


Woah, nice man! Would you consider trading this one for a Death Angel-The Ultra-Violence backpatch at all man?


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Recent Comments

  • also my lady was pretty happy ;) ..har har har :D
  • We have the same jacket!!
  • wish I could have gotten the box set. This album is such a powerful comeback!
  • Can you sell me this midnights patch ? I want it ! How much ?
  • Thanks for the tip!
  • One of the best death metal albums ever!
  • Hi, Midnight is still available ? Can you take an another picture closer of it ?
  • Midnight still available ? How much please with shipping ? I'm From France, thanks
  • still there?
  • a true classic piece! nice one
  • Great jacket!!! Really love it!!!!!!
  • Love the diamond head patch! I have the same backpatch! \m/
  • Great Jacket and great bands
  • This GW patch is awesome any idea where can i find them ? They don't release patch since longtime :/
  • Thanks!
  • Please can you tell me where do you find this one ? Is it an official from the tour ? Love it , i want it !

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