Anthrax Judge Dredd BP- For Swap/Sale

AussieheadbangerFri, 18/11/2011 - 05:13

Anthrax Judge Dredd BP- For Swap/Sale

Sale or Trade



The one and only Anthrax album (and song :D)


I have two, I want to sell or trade this one.


That's cool!
You might want to have a look at this. Maybe there's something you want.


Thanks dude!


awesome back patch \m/


Woah, nice man! Would you consider trading this one for a Death Angel-The Ultra-Violence backpatch at all man?


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Recent Comments

  • That Rancid patch looks really weird.
  • Dam they looks so familiar lol Congrats buddy :)
  • nice, mine has a different back print
  • I saw this a while ago at f.y.e., I almost got it but I saw a motorhead shirt so I got it instead (I didn't go Blac
  • Death, Metallica, Bathory (stripe), Slayer and Emperor ITNE are gone, but all the others are still available.
  • Anything you say?? ;) haha unfortunately this is one I could never let go, grief shirts aren't easy to come by!
  • Geiles Album, geiles Shirt! Respekt Alter!
  • Fucking awesome! Was solln das Teil kosten?
  • Haste ne Preisvorstellung? Grüße
  • Hey dude, i am interested in the Sinister Logo, still available?
  • Was'n mit dem Notenschild? Noch verfügbar?
  • done what a great typical 90s Line-up that was - I guess Today's equivalent is...
  • Fantastisch Alter!
  • Love this!
  • Woest shirt Albatros!!
  • very nice

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