METALUCIFER - Heavy Metal Chainsaw

inner sense
Wed, 18/04/2012 - 09:15
Not for sale or trade
Other Collectable - METALUCIFER - Heavy Metal Chainsaw


Goddes of Desire

Fuck yeah!


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Recent Comments

  • Very Good Taste!!!
  • 谢谢!!!
  • 棒!! \m/
  • Yes, after Brazil's postal service took more than 02 months, finally they got here! Una vez más, muchas gracias he
  • I can already safely say this was one of the best gigs from 2015 haha!
  • I received a message from a seller who I bought a few times.
  • added to my fav immediately. epic
  • Classic shirt! Best period of the band, especially with members of ABIGOR/Summoning involved! Glorious times
  • Thanks man!
  • I'm just amazed by the T-Shirt design. It looks really brutal and totally worth buying!
  • This one and the equally insane "live after death". http://i.imgur.com/Bk29wNN.png Have become my holy grail
  • haha. im chasing this rabbit.
  • I will ever take acid and design patches again, I will ever take acid and design patches again, I will ever take acid an
  • Kinda gay. Iha jeba kyl.
  • Thanks man :) Hail!
  • Thank you :) Totally mixed tho haha

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