METALUCIFER - Heavy Metal Chainsaw

inner sense
Wed, 18/04/2012 - 09:15
Not for sale or trade
Other Collectable - METALUCIFER - Heavy Metal Chainsaw


Goddes of Desire

Fuck yeah!


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Recent Comments

  • Har denna jag emd. Riktigt trevlig platta.
  • Excellent shirt! Used to have to sweater...but it got lost somehow along the way :-(
  • Killer collection, Great bands.
  • Killer band, I've got shaped BP of it.
  • \m/
  • Not a bad band on here, Looks great! Love the BP choice \m/
  • Cheers Jeff, yeah grew the whiskers for the trip, will have to get rid of them before the Aussie summer.
  • Crushing!
  • Thank you!You can still get one on the ebay,if you want.
  • Unfortunately no. I acted too slow. When I was finally able to buy it,it was sold out.
  • Well, not one of the pleasent Morbid Angel release, but it`s Morbid Angel! Respect for those musicians!!!
  • It wasn`t me asking about its authenticity, but thanx for the flames, bro!!
  • Hail Quorthon!
  • fuck...totaly bad ass my friend!!!..have this album on CD
  • very nice
  • love this fat sleeve prints

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