METALUCIFER - Heavy Metal Chainsaw


Goddes of Desire

Fuck yeah!


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Aaskrähe - The Sea Of Eternal Darkness from


Which TShirt?


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Recent Comments

  • Right on brother!
  • Nice! Mortician's new Merch is always cheap for some reason, like they almost give it away.
  • Really cool! Hail Sabbath \m/
  • In all honesty anyone who isn't already familiar with Nachtmystium probably wont pick up on it, so it wont really p
  • Hello, is interested in selling the shirt?
  • Hello, is interested in selling the shirt?
  • Hello, is interested in selling the shirt?
  • Wild Venom shirt..not many of these worn, good luck on the trade-- I'm just an admirer
  • please message me if this is still available
  • please let me know if this is still available
  • Thanks for the suggestion! I did do that, you'll see it once I post the finished project!
  • thanks man ya everyone has there own taste which makes every vest a unique piece of art haha
  • If anything, I suggest you to add studs/spikes to it, you can't never go wrong with that.
  • Looks killer.
  • That's a really cool vest, bands and all, but if it was me I would rearrange some patches, but that's just me.
  • Classic! Got this one also

Something in the mail

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