mayhem collection

Sun, 19/02/2012 - 03:01

mayhem worship

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Recent Comments

  • Sleeves must be cut. Have done that to most of my M-L size shirts.
  • i will never forget the gig i saw, there i bought this vinyls, fucking great shirt.. :D
  • thx dude..yeah..they are pretty good :) still nice to see that some metalheads here also can enjoy some hardcore stuff :
  • maybe just to old...i think it was one of my very first uploads when i joined TSS (close to '4 years ago' ..om
  • Thank you
  • rly?....ok my friend..haha...every1's his own taste :D ...for me..their best cover will be always 'Alien'
  • thx dude :)
  • yep..but i think..i have listen to it...maybe 3 or 4 times...., not that great...for my taste...
  • thx dude :)
  • same here same here...one of the best..of the 'new' stuff..even when its not rly new anymore..haha
  • hahaha...tons of magazines..a lot vinyls..and even more CDs...yes...ppl hate it to help me..but hey...even i hate my col
  • got it rly rly cheap..maybe 1 euro or something... and i dont find even 1 track..i rly like...
  • ah...dont like it that much..if i remember right...1 or 2 tracks arent that bad..but the rest....boooring...
  • no no...i miss a lot of singles (all the new stuff) and i think..i miss 2-3 full albums...also the new'er stuff ...
  • ..and i hope for u they are better then the last time i have seen them on stage.
  • for me too..hehe ;)

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