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Still loads of stuff missing...

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Mikä on tuo levy ylhäältä katsottuna toisen rivin äärioikealla? Hieno kokoelma muuten!


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Morderisk Ensomhet - The Plague Is The Path Of Sinners from

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Recent Comments

  • Yeah, I agree with you and it is still available now?
  • I was going to buy this but originally thought it was a bootleg. My loss.
  • I did the preorder back in late 2014 and it finally arrived in January.
  • I think leather vests are hard to pull off, but you nailed it!
  • Gaaf... maar waarom niet eentje van Paul Bostaph... heeft ie intussen toch weleens verdient lijkt me......
  • I love the rotten vest, and the front layout is on point, but the back layout is kinda off.
  • ok, "repariert" ist zwar eher "komplett neu", aber wolln wir mal nicht so sein... ;-)
  • I like it.
  • Oh !!! So nice!! When did you get it?
  • Arrrgh, fucking awesome! One of the coolest BPs I've seen!
  • Very nice.
  • Nice shirt!
  • Thanks. It was a great band.
  • thanks man!
  • thx, yeah..its a nice one :) worth the money :)
  • i saw them back in days, 1994, playing this Cypress Hill song, live at 'The Underground Festival'...and it was

Something in the mail

We started a cool game for TSS'ers, we're posting around an item to eachother and using the trade history to keep track of who and where it's been, you might get lucky!

There are 111,911 entries in the gallery and 466,826 comments, and 197 items have changed hands in the last month!!

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