Wed, 15/02/2012 - 18:46

Still loads of stuff missing...




Mikä on tuo levy ylhäältä katsottuna toisen rivin äärioikealla? Hieno kokoelma muuten!


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ThunderWorks - ...For All Eternity from


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Recent Comments

  • great backpatch
  • Thank you!
  • yes Arise and Benathe The Remains are the best Albums from Sepultura in my opinion...
  • Nice Akira patch hahaha
  • Thank you!
  • Nice shirt...
  • Thank you - yeah, Michael Schenker is one of my favorite guitarist.
  • its never finished man ;) there is still atleast 2 places i want to fill up right now.
  • awesome vest as always, is it finished?
  • there is an old one without red border, but i think its pretty hard to get now, was happy to see a new version so had to
  • I see. Yeah I got that Hellhammer patch, too.
  • Hmm could be, my friend told me he bought it mid 90's, didn't remember the exact date, but you could be right.
  • black metal shirts usually look cooler w/ long sleeves or no sleeves at all - nice one!
  • Ja, is best duur! En het is een perfect album om in de auto te beluisteren dus in dat geval is CD preferable.
  • I believe it is from 1999. Pressed by a German label called Last Episode, I maybe wrong though.
  • mostly cause of varg yea. but i also don't listen to Burzum that much anymore.

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