KHOLD poster

Tue, 21/02/2012 - 15:44

KHOLD " masterpiss of pain " moonfog productions promo poster apprx. 2'x3' poster is folded / has tape marks on back "Starten to collect patches for a new metal jacket. grind , gore death , thrash , speed, etc. bolt thrower slayer exodus overkill death etc


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Recent Comments

  • Awesome shirt, love the old logo as we'll. they should have kept it IMO.
  • nice :) oldschool sepultura :D
  • der praying mantis is so killer!
  • nice longsleeve :)
  • Awesome.
  • agree. Looks like water-painting.
  • If you're going for a "wall of patches" on the front of your vest, you'll probably want to put that
  • Great album. the artwork looks neat
  • Wow you fucking maniac :).
  • Those green/black patches would be awesome in a all-thrash Color Schemed vest! Gotta have that Overkill one
  • awesome collection! great work man
  • awesome colors! great patch
  • Dont really like the yellow border and the lack of black but, ignoring the logo and the title, the picture is sick
  • siiiick! really nice LS, dude!
  • Adding to favorites because of the sheer effort put into photographing this thing.
  • How meant you have left? Paypal?

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