KHOLD poster

Tue, 21/02/2012 - 15:44

KHOLD " masterpiss of pain " moonfog productions promo poster apprx. 2'x3' poster is folded / has tape marks on back "Starten to collect patches for a new metal jacket. grind , gore death , thrash , speed, etc. bolt thrower slayer exodus overkill death etc

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Recent Comments

  • Oh damn, this is splendid!
  • amazing shirt and band. cant wait too see them live again
  • Cool shirt ... love this album!
  • Fair enough.
  • The pictures are printed, yes. My friend needed about 10 hours of work just for the box itself.
  • There's only one solution...
  • Looks great! Love woodwork.
  • Everything there is just printed right? Why not burn images into the wood again?
  • Is there anything on the back?
  • I really was
  • You was lucky! :D
  • Thanks a lot :)
  • Yep both are sold/traded ... one went to an american guy I know & the other one is this one.
  • This box was released in 2007, so it might not be easy to get one nowadays, unless it's on ebay :/
  • Killer patch, belgian Metal rules!
  • This rules obviously!

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