KHOLD poster

Tue, 21/02/2012 - 15:44

KHOLD " masterpiss of pain " moonfog productions promo poster apprx. 2'x3' poster is folded / has tape marks on back "Starten to collect patches for a new metal jacket. grind , gore death , thrash , speed, etc. bolt thrower slayer exodus overkill death etc

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Recent Comments

  • My 1st time seeing morbid angel was on the US tour for "heretic", wish I'd grabbed one of these tour shir
  • holy shit!
  • Inte hört bandet. Men designen var riktigt nice. Påminner om nåt utdrag från ett medeltida bestiarium eller liknande.
  • I have the round Paul Chain "icon" patch. Looks really good. Need to get a Death SS patch still.
  • Cool!
  • wow, love the colors
  • Pretty wicked design. Awesome longsleeve!
  • Great colors on this one!
  • Ah okay. For one moment, I thought this might be a third version, of this little gem. :)
  • It is the camera.
  • Thanks! I was lucky to grab it, not realizing how in demand it would be later.
  • Thank you ! Yes , I wanted to Death SS and Paul Chain .
  • Is there white thread, instead of silver thread, on the Rainbow Rising? Or is it just the camera?
  • As far as I remember that Festival was only one day, so, yes :-)
  • Thanks :)
  • Yes you should, i dad listens to them a lot so i know them though my dad, it's great prog rock. :)

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