Iron Maiden buttons

Sun, 22/01/2012 - 17:48

Bought these from A & T Designs on Amazon. They had lots of buttons at a decent price. Obviously bootlegs, but what the hell. They will find spots on my Einz Bund Kutte for Iron Maiden.

Not for sale or trade
Other Collectable - Iron Maiden buttons



that's a nice collection! you should find more and totally cover your jacket with those!


they look pretty good!




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Recent Comments

  • thats great my friend,ha ha ha
  • Tankard *GONE*
  • that Metal Up Your Ass patch is fuckin rad!
  • Yo que tu a la chaqueta negra le añadiría un espaldar y parches en los brazos, también le puedes poner tachas si quieres
  • Nice thrash vest.
  • One hell of a catalog some great things in there....
  • they were a surprise bonus inside my parcel with an All Shall Perish shirt I bought a couple years ago!
  • One great LP..
  • hell yeah same here !!
  • One nice shirt..
  • very nice !!
  • Awesone..
  • met doro myself a few years back really cool have a shirt with her and all of holy moses's signatures on it
  • Good choice bro :) I haven't started looking for a shirt for it yet....
  • True that bro! Got to love a bargain!
  • Welcome, Yeah some of the BPs are a bit "How ya goin" good choice that's for sure.

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