Förgjord Collection

Sun, 21/10/2012 - 21:06

Ajasta Ikuisuuteen CD, Vinyl & t-shirt
Sielunvihollinen CD, t-shirt
Henkeen ja vereen CD, longsleeve
Förgjord/Musta Kappeli split 7"
Tie, totuus & kuolema demo tape

Not for sale or trade
Other Collectable - Förgjord Collection



I don't know this band but those shirts and CDs look brilliant, so i'll leave 5 flames just for that haha.
Where would you recommend me to start, if i want to give them a try?


I'd recommend you to start with their second album "Ajasta ikuisuuteen". It's one of my favourite albums ever. They play very raw black metal.


Mahtava bändi ja kokoelma, iteltä löytyy vaan tuo 7" splitti mutta lisää materiaalia pitäs ehdottomasti hankkia!


Kiitokset! Tämä bändi ansaitsee paljon enemmän arvostusta. Kannattaa hankkia. Vielä aika helposti saatavilla suurin osa bändin tuotoksista.

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  • Hey mate, Upload your other stuff for me to squiz at ;) Will do mate! Welcome to TSS.
  • nah actually i dont know where Don pictured this. He just sent me the photo
  • Where alot of patches come from ebay ahahaha
  • Willing to make a trade if you still have this shirt? Please tell me what you like so I know.
  • Lol, didnt see it, of course.
  • Te lo cambio :p
  • DOOM. Nice selection. Also, I'm impressed by the Orange patch and the NASA patch. I need both of those.
  • Cool!
  • Great BP, my favorite Darkthrone album!
  • Hah that's pretty cool man. I really wanna see them but they're always on the west coast.
  • Amazing shirt!!!!
  • Killer vest! I have the same Death, D.R.I., and Morbid Angel patches as you. When I saw D.R.I.
  • I got it off of flammenwerfer666 on eBay. He's got a ton of great quality bootlegs for pretty cheap!
  • ik vind m vet :) een leer jasje ziet er altijd beter uit als je m simpel houdt met niet al teveel patches vind ik. ben o
  • awesome jacket boss!! and oh man that Hawkwind patch is niceeee, where u get it? cheers mate!
  • Where did you get that violence pack

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