Förgjord Collection

Sun, 21/10/2012 - 21:06

Ajasta Ikuisuuteen CD, Vinyl & t-shirt
Sielunvihollinen CD, t-shirt
Henkeen ja vereen CD, longsleeve
Förgjord/Musta Kappeli split 7"
Tie, totuus & kuolema demo tape

Not for sale or trade
Other Collectable - Förgjord Collection



I don't know this band but those shirts and CDs look brilliant, so i'll leave 5 flames just for that haha.
Where would you recommend me to start, if i want to give them a try?


I'd recommend you to start with their second album "Ajasta ikuisuuteen". It's one of my favourite albums ever. They play very raw black metal.


Mahtava bändi ja kokoelma, iteltä löytyy vaan tuo 7" splitti mutta lisää materiaalia pitäs ehdottomasti hankkia!


Kiitokset! Tämä bändi ansaitsee paljon enemmän arvostusta. Kannattaa hankkia. Vielä aika helposti saatavilla suurin osa bändin tuotoksista.

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Recent Comments

  • Yeah, It was signed back in 89 on the Leprosy tour :)
  • cool shirt, good band, saw them many many years ago when they were called Forsaken
  • I know what you mean, I like its simplicity and that oldchool drawn look.
  • vielen dank
  • Thats quite interesting... i didnt see this on sold on the tour in 2002.
  • ah, good that you remind me... totally forgot that one haha...
  • really cool and down to earth kind of guy... really enjoyed to see him with Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings last time....
  • very nice shirt !!!!!!
  • omdeed im almost sold out the maidens :)
  • ha, how cool is that.. great uploads
  • full flames and nothing less
  • have this one too... primitive but brilliant
  • yess.. good old stuff !!!!
  • Great picture. But what does it exactly mean "Amon original jacket"?
  • Love this patch
  • So badass!

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