DEATH - tour

Sat, 07/01/2012 - 18:30
Other Collectable - DEATH - tour



Awesome flyer..


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Recent Comments

  • Now that's a killer shirt!!!
  • If you need help with cash I could buy your jacket and keep it for you and you can buy it back from me for the same pric
  • eyvallah ciğerim ;)
  • thank you :)
  • i dont like full patched vest.
  • Ah OK, never seen this one as "I want out"...by the way a very cool gimmick cover
  • hehe... i will post my battle jacket on tshirtslayer soon :D
  • Hahaha nice!
  • Thanks mate! Really appreciate it! Blood on Ice is my fav together with the Nordland duology! Onbelievable atmosphere
  • Thanks! Hij is eindelijk naar mijn zin. Nog een paar patches en dan is ie af!
  • ;)
  • Not bad.
  • fuckin sweet! :D
  • i'm more thinking of fitting shapes there, because stripes are too long, maybe i can find some nice mini stripes wh
  • awesome. haha funny... i did the same thing with the same pagan altar patch :D
  • Sick shirt!

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