DEATH - tour

Sat, 07/01/2012 - 18:30
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Other Collectable - DEATH - tour



Awesome flyer..


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Cardinal - A Murder Of Melancholy from
machie the apache


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Recent Comments

  • honestly didn't like the movie that much. but its a must see anyway. and the the theme sounds great.
  • i need a rip of this tape!
  • sick! saw this band twice
  • killer... i'm still pissed i didn't got to see their gig last month.... next time better
  • Pop music suddenly became a serious threat in the environment of the common metalhead.
  • Ich danke dir!
  • i'd say thumbs up for this one... but it's the censored one haha
  • wie immer, sehr fein.
  • cool... never seen before too
  • Brilliant band and album...
  • I see what you meant with "no backpatch for more patches" now, really like this jacket!
  • Damn nice...
  • Yeah!!!! I agree one of the best hc 7" from nyc! Shall be judged!!!
  • Loving that agnostic front Patch, where did you get it?
  • Hey man...apologies for the delay in getting you the sizing! Pit to pit is "22, length from collar to hem is 29&qu
  • yes, it's a bootleg

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Sat, 18/10/2014 - 21:18

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