DEATH - tour

Sat, 07/01/2012 - 18:30
Not for sale or trade
Other Collectable - DEATH - tour



Awesome flyer..



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Recent Comments

  • I'm a fan of all these bands. Great stuff.
  • pretty cool stuff.... but i go for Inquisitor anytime !!!!!
  • cool ... i still need o get some stuff
  • Exodus vintage?
  • Nice man. 5 Flames for the band, diy, and the cool paint job. Looks great.
  • Nice Mario you finally got one. That is awesome!!! I have to upload my ND Grindcrusher tour longsleeves soon!!!
  • All rubber ones are gone. + Morbid Angel & Iron Maiden
  • Gone
  • he hasnt replied to me or other people but still logs in
  • why arent you replying to peoples problems with your patches and shipping?
  • nice shirt! what about a trade?
  • Thanks :)
  • Lyx and his ten thousand jackets... :D
  • great one!
  • Probably the coolest Carnivore patch.
  • fuck yes man \\m// I need to get myself a pair of crust pants again haha

Something in the mail

We started a cool game for TSS'ers, we're posting around an item to eachother and using the trade history to keep track of who and where it's been, you might get lucky!