Metal band : Old Bridge Militia

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Recent Comments

  • I think its a thing materialize out of the smoke (from beyond), that's my imagination.
  • Maybe my eyes are not schooled but what is this motive? A guy or smoke or something?
  • Thanks
  • Such a great CD
  • not really a fan of the layout. love type o negative but not the patches. and the "1D and JB sucks" is just ch
  • Thanks guys! It's significantly pared down from a couple of years ago and it's now time to get rid of these.
  • Love the Powell, Bones and skull Skates stickers (old school skater here) but I'd remove them carefully - this is A
  • looks good but the backing material looks weaker than a tissue
  • Malleus Malleficarum?!
  • Thank you! They were awesome live, and I also met Pete Webber while getting this.
  • Sick album and sick patch!
  • Thanks!
  • Yeah definitely! I love all of their albums but this one I can just listen to all day haha.
  • Thank you! Should be getting more soon!
  • Cheers mate!
  • I feel ya. I got some that don't fit me but love I can't not have.

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