Metal band : Old Bridge Militia

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Recent Comments

  • that artwork always disturbs me, sick shirt!
  • Great place indeed!
  • Awesome artwork
  • fantastic shirt!
  • cool
  • They're gonna have to! Otherwise, I don't think those copies are ever gonna sell.
  • I don't believe those crazy high prices will remain like that forever.. it will go down..
  • that Noctunal patch is cool
  • Definitely check out some of the other songs from this album on YouTube.
  • I think it's their best too! $1,500 though? Fuck that.
  • Sounds very good! I was familiar with the band name & logo, but never actually listened to the band.
  • Damn, I got nothing. Would loved the ST, Destruction, and Whiplash patch
  • my friend , is bootleg
  • Would be great to have the original vinyl. Waaaaayyy too expesive though. The best Satyricon album!
  • Great Urfaust, as usual, but what is that drawing on your wall behind the shirt? Looks impressive!
  • That's exactly what mine has. http://tshirtslayer.com/tshirt-or-longsleeve/satancourt-act-xl-tshirt As it turns o

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