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Which TShirt?

Recent Comments

  • Before Centurian at least one Member was in Inquisitor, Wim van der Walk, I believe.
  • Thanks!
  • Das gerade finde ich ja so gut. Mein Aura Noir Logo Shirt hat weißen Druck.
  • Great jacket! Love that back patch!!
  • Awesome! Full Flanes!
  • Do you buy the DR living Dead ? If you don't, do you know where I can find this :)
  • yup, underrate band all way long. Too bad, as they do have a decent career.
  • Nice, real simple shirt but looks killer
  • :D that's the one, my dear :D It's on FotL brand, but I must say temperatures here are around 33° all day, it&
  • Thank you very much!
  • I got to see them again at Kill Town Death Fest in Copenhagen in 2011, they were great there too!
  • Oh,really expensive,price is too big for just a hoodie.And maybe you remember how much shirts cost?I'm just going t
  • Awesome vest man. Where'd you get the back patch? That's one of my favorite albums
  • i know Creepmime as well.., damn what a nice line up...im rly envy u..to see Avulsed in 1996..damn dude..hahaha
  • That was a great gig, both Sinister (who at that time just released "Hate") and Avulsed delivered killer sets.
  • where you get cat with knife patch?

Something in the mail

We started a cool game for TSS'ers, we're posting around an item to eachother and using the trade history to keep track of who and where it's been, you might get lucky!