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Ghoulmancer - Mortuary Rituals (Demo) from


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Recent Comments

  • I'd be very happy to have a Znowhite patch as well, please, if possible
  • Brilliant
  • Please take a look at my patches and see if I have anything you like Thanks.
  • yeah, truly a strike of genius haha... the Picasso of the bootlegs haha
  • I've seen some awful bootleg Sodom patches, but this tops all of them! Brilliant, hahah!
  • succes :)
  • Do you still have it?
  • Awh, thanks :D Hopefully if you see me at Bloodstock 2015, there'll be much more added by then :)
  • Thanks buddy :D This arm will all be the Medieval etching style, like this :D
  • Aun espero invitación jajajaja. Mi hermano tiene este en CD pero en una cochinada de edición, no soy tan fan de la band
  • I really want to have this edition, at least i have the CD edition of cogumelo with extra tracks. Really really destroy
  • My favorite album from Vulcano, an excelent record!
  • This is Really amazing, are you sure you don't live in southamerica?, this with the cogumelo records you have make
  • Very awesome kutte! Added to my favorites..
  • Wow
  • If you ever change your mind about selling/trading it, let me know. Meanwhile, great shirt dude.

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