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Blood Crest - This is Blood from

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Recent Comments

  • Holy fucking shit, this is absolutely awesome! Perfect style for these bands, fits absolutely brilliant.
  • One of my favourite vests that I have seen in a long time.
  • i fucking love it. great job on the paintings. thinking of doing another one on my jacket.
  • This is badass!
  • Man, I need to find this fuckin patch
  • toch wel. zat te twijfelen tusse die en The Beyond. maar die soundrack is nieens van golbin..
  • Great album too I think
  • just youtubed this. HAHAA its gold. I never heard them play that before!! I also used to be addicted Urban Discipline
  • Haha! I'm sure your friends will think you are well-informed :)
  • This one is so coool ! Add to my wanted list :)
  • Monstrosity is the shit!
  • suspiria 1977
  • Thanks! Just wondering is there anyone have early Four Depressive Seasons shirt.
  • bijna alle eerste films Dario Argento
  • Goblin aant begin! welke film was da nou ook alweer van.
  • hahaha, had t er vandeweek nog over met een vriend, dat ik een live album van ZOUO besteld had.

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