Metal band : blue grape

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StereoDeth with 5 entries
timcauliffe with 3 entries
NoneFuckingHeavier with 3 entries
CultureOfNone with 2 entries
BroodOfHatred with 2 entries
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Recent Comments

  • so thats the fuck it fest or something you talked about? sounds really cool. need that shit here too.
  • Ill do my best ahaaha 3 shows this weekend in these kind if locations and 1 hall show and 2 house shows its been 1 hell
  • really sad that those kinda people exist. try not te get arrested today okay :) doesnt seem like an approved gig locatio
  • Used 2 be good now not really cu that jack ass with the jack hammer
  • the circle patch looks great!
  • classic!
  • poor DIY spot.. looks like a nice location
  • I'd give both my cock and balls for that Leprosy stip
  • for me, i would never wear one like you have. but when its on an album cover i dont mind it (like my Stallion patch)
  • thanx haha! actually got inspired by a user on here to make one haha
  • You never know :p
  • Damn that bonecross is awesome haha! Maybe I should do one also hmm.
  • How much??
  • Beautiful!
  • wat een super gaaf shirt... geweldig !!!!
  • awesome shirt !!!!!

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