MORGOTH "Resurrection Absurd" official woven Patch



meiner hat ein kaputtes Auge und überlege, ob ich ein Wackelauge einarbeite


was meinste?


don't do that, this will destroy the whole design and atmosphere of this artwork...what is a deathmetal artwork with an nodding eye???


funny? ridiculous?


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Recent Comments

  • Great shirt and band!
  • Awesome ! I never thought I would see this shirt again!
  • Awesome!
  • Thanx!
  • Thank you! Yeah, I love this patch!:)
  • ;)
  • Thank you!
  • Thanks! On the ebay.
  • THX!
  • Yeah, they're different copies of the same album though so I figured they get an entry each!
  • Thanx bro! of course, Fact was a great band!
  • magadról? sorry, erre nem voltam kivi..
  • Thanks!
  • Az annyira szar, hogy inkább fel se írtam. Meg most már csak azért sem te oposszum!
  • It was meant as one! You two surely have similar taste in music AND looks, haha :D
  • They look pretty thrash!

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