MORGOTH "Resurrection Absurd" official woven Patch



meiner hat ein kaputtes Auge und überlege, ob ich ein Wackelauge einarbeite


was meinste?


don't do that, this will destroy the whole design and atmosphere of this artwork...what is a deathmetal artwork with an nodding eye???


funny? ridiculous?


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Recent Comments

  • i can give you 100 euros for it let me know
  • Yeah I managed to get in touch with the band.
  • Looks good! Really nice Brutal Legend patch
  • guck mal bei dir im chat auf facebook
  • Bei 15 haste für 'nen originalen einen echten Schnapper gemacht, für'n Bootleg haste zuviel rausgeschmissen ;-
  • Never have seen signed albums by Moonblood, lucky you!
  • Hast ne Pm ;)
  • mir entgeht nichts. gestern nen extreme aggression für 15 taler geschossen ;D
  • Great! I have the same. Legendary album.
  • All the best from Germany for YOUR "day of pain and pleasure" ---- S T A Y -13- N EG A T I V E
  • Getting one made soon haha! Great to see my own design on a shirt
  • Bah.. too bad.
  • Wow, cool looking t-shirt !
  • Great shirt! Does anybody know where the front print is from? Think i've seen it on some Morbid Angel shirt.
  • Hi ich würd gern beide Kiss Patches kaufen bitte um ne Kurze Pm.Hab auch Pay Pal gruss Hans
  • yes please!

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