Metal Church metal pin/button

Fri, 29/04/2011 - 14:37

I currently have two of these. I'd be willing to trade one.

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i would love to have that.unfortunately no extra pins to trade.


Dude, I'll trade for other stuff besides pins. I collect vinyl, 8x10 band photos, guitar picks, etc.


I said "dude". I'm old!


all i have to trade is vinyl,and those patches i posted recently.


Wish I had something worth trading myself.


Love it. Lemme see what is in the bin that I could trade ya.


I have extra guitar picks and 8x10 photos for trade.

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Recent Comments

  • WOW! Where have you bought this patch? I'm looking for one for a long time, but without results :(
  • Awseome patch! :D Sabbat is great!
  • jatog. zie je volgende keer weer :) je kom zoizo tog wel naar BOA?
  • Killer shirt and classic album
  • Yes, i hope you do they're great live, and Jeff Watters is an awesome performer, i hope i can catch them too, they&
  • I agree, it is a very tecnical album even by Nile standards ahahah
  • Yes someday you'll will get it :) That's a cool coincidence eheheh cheers!!
  • Was een goed feestje~!
  • Yngwie!!! Full flames!!!
  • lol small world. They know me on site, maybe by name. Too many of the old bands are friends of mine.
  • hahaha..damn it :P
  • I have certainly partaken in spending more than I should on an album as I'm sure we all have, but let it be said th
  • Nice!
  • Haha good one mate :):):)! But don`t you dare!!!!
  • My favorite will always be Bonded By Blood :)
  • hahaha....ok...i'm sure i have ur address still laying around here... ;) hahahahahaha

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