Iron Maiden concert scarf

Fri, 09/09/2011 - 08:40

Iron Maiden scarf, that i bought from their gig at sonisphere 2010.

Not for sale or trade



love that, have the same, bought it back on Headliner-tour 2010 in Italy.


great, I've got the same one. Bought it last year in Berlin and it was 25°C outside :D


cool! i wish i'd see a metal scarf around. its getting cold here.

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Recent Comments

  • Hell yes cool and very interesting pics!
  • Full flames for the Rock `n Roll BP but why the hell do you need a GBH patch :)?!
  • Looks really cool! I think you should stud it and wear it.
  • Conan!! Like the disign alot
  • I like it a lot!
  • Thanks man.
  • Perhaps my favorite Motörhead album. And YES, you NEED a GBH patch!!!
  • Nice!
  • Got mine from Freak Animal, just asked out of curiosity ;)
  • nice work
  • max flames for this one, i dont know how many times ive played the song Aureole, you are right underated.
  • nice shirt!
  • Thanks. http://t-d-g.net/collections/merchandise but it's not there anymore. Do some googlin' and maybe eBay.
  • Haha, you just have to drink with the friends who have spare shirts i guess?
  • Cool artwork! Dig the colors.
  • I have beer too, no one comes to me offering old metal shirts in exchange for a few newcastles :P

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