Immortal - Pure Holocaust (TS)

Thu, 28/07/2011 - 17:04

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Narcotic - Marked for Death from


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Recent Comments

  • I've got a Manowar, Raven, & Cradle of Filth shirt up for trade if you'd like to have a look.
  • Not for sale, sorry. I do have a 2 sided Satanic blood angel and a white one side upside down satanic blood angel
  • Mine too, first time seeing them!!!
  • Got it from a friend of mine. Everytime one of us come across a new Maiden patch we pick up two (if possible) ;-))))))))
  • damn good :D
  • great stuff , this will be my 1st time to see them , i missed them every other time they played. so making sure I can ge
  • full flames! great von shirt. have you other von shirts?
  • great shirt! i have 97 tour
  • Seeing them in November!!!
  • thanks yea one of my most worn shirts . they are playing here this weekend . cant wait
  • Braveheart, I'll PM you after my 2 day waiting period expires
  • Beerfiend, ill pm you after my 2 day waiting period expires
  • Brisbane
  • *slow clap* There are no words to describe this, other than 'masterpiece'.

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