Immortal - Pure Holocaust (TS)

Thu, 28/07/2011 - 17:04
Not for sale or trade

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Recent Comments

  • Epic goatness!
  • solid album!
  • dat is het ook..had dr n paar van mssacre,ignite volgens mij..allemaal n beetje in die twee hoeken :)
  • im rocking and earlr version of that one. got the same one about to heat set black out.
  • Great vest ! Respect bro - rock on !
  • you made this????? this is fucking badass!
  • five flames for it being an everyday vest I bet
  • UGH !!!
  • Het zou verrekte zonde zijn als je ze kwijt bent geraakt !!!
  • haha thanks guys.. since I was in high school man, but damn I can't find that last box, it has the backpatches too,
  • yessss!!!
  • hahaha..ok ok :D
  • I love purple hill witch!!!!!
  • that colour though
  • I've never known how the original first T-shirt looks like ?
  • vaya esta muy chido ese exciter, tambien esta en mi wantlist!!!

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