Immortal - Pure Holocaust (TS)

Thu, 28/07/2011 - 17:04
Not for sale or trade

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Ghoulmancer - Mortuary Rituals (Demo) from

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Recent Comments

  • I think it looks just fine.
  • I think it looks just fine.
  • Wicked...the back looks amazing, and front is great too...awesome patches and selection of bands!
  • it looks fucked up
  • "I was showing you that idgaf about approval" soooo tell me how youre being mature about critisism.... hes r
  • It's an awesome vest...and the bands all kick ass...who cares what some douchebags think...fuck em all...do what yo
  • This one looks fantastic too! This and that UTSOTBM patch would look perfect on a Black Metal-Black/Thrash Metal vest.
  • That looks great! I wouldn't mind owning one.
  • Nice. I don't think I've seen one look like this.
  • has nothing on the Original imho....
  • True Norwegian Death Metal. This is a really good album.
  • Nice CKY patch. Also Henry Rollins signature.
  • lol nah, he posted some picture of Cheb socks saying "sock punx" or something like that.
  • you got cute animal socks?
  • Jakie cd Polskiej Arkony posiadasz?
  • :( i think they played in leiden, some guy told me. but i knew nothing about that entire euro tour last year..

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