Immortal - Pure Holocaust (TS)

Thu, 28/07/2011 - 17:04
Not for sale or trade


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Recent Comments

  • where did you get it
  • thanks mate, yeah its not a bad shirt from a great band.
  • sick shirt and interesting story, mate
  • Amazing shirt. Can't beat those old prints.
  • mate, its worth a listen, some of the bands do some interesting stuff on this disc.
  • The destroyer!! Super lucky to get that autograph!
  • thats a truly amazing story my friend!!..damn..hahaha, very very nice and very lucky :D @tickets..hahaha
  • Oh wow, Didn't know about this, Going on my list of stuff to listen to!
  • Out of your collection I don't have 18 of them haha, I'm currently at 662 CDs myself, Will have to post an upd
  • Thanks backpatch is actually cut from a tote bag they sell
  • Do you have it?
  • send me a pm man, they will be in 11 dollars including shipping
  • Hi there! you still have that Metalucifer patch?
  • Amazing collection! I have ten myself, Loving the Celtic Frost and Bathory ones!
  • Yeah my first time, I've watched footage on YouTube and it goes off, Cannot wait to experience for myself!
  • Awesome! Thanks for the info, Still need to get it, Will try and get that copy for sure.

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