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Bianca I.N.C.
Thu, 11/08/2011 - 01:48
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Backstreetmerch black metal

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Recent Comments

  • I always say this album never gets enough respect, one of my favs from Motorhead, great BP man it looks to be in flawles
  • Definitely. I'll take this sort of Blackened Punk over most black metal and punk any day of the week.
  • Sexdrome are fantastic. Bar the Amebix and Bolt Thrower patches, they're all DIY.
  • Thanks mate!
  • Great patch :-)
  • Thanks, of course... :)
  • Yes, great album and great patch! Love them :)
  • It's gonna look killer.
  • Holy crap! Very nice!
  • This shirt is sweet, but why didn't you upload a picture of the back?
  • Don't like the front too much, but the back works really well, especially the middle!
  • Absolute great MHB-Shirt!!!
  • Great shirt! Heard the new album yet? Absolutely flawless in my opinion!
  • I like it a lot! Go with this design!
  • Luv it!!! Great job man!
  • I always take pics first and watch them regularly, eventually something starts to bug me and I change it.

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