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Bianca I.N.C.
Thu, 11/08/2011 - 01:48
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Now Playing

Lobotomy - Underground Thrash Killer from
Iwan Uchida


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Recent Comments

  • It was good! Nice to hear him play Crystal Mountain.
  • You fucked up dude. It was a pretty good show...For Studio Seven, that is...
  • On kyllä helvetin hyviä bändejä tässä, Moonsorrowista nyt en niin kauheesti perusta, mutta muu on priimaa :D
  • Holy fuck. How long have you had this?
  • Didn't expect to see Soulfly on here...still full flames because of Minor Threat
  • Nice!
  • Sure does. I actually liked the blue vest w/green backpatch, but I think I'll like it even more with the new color.
  • Horror convention believe it or not!
  • dye. wanted to make a punk/crusty kinda jacket, this collor fits pretty good with that. looks kinda dirty.
  • Woah! Did you paint it or dye it? Either way, I like the new color.
  • die EHG zou wel kunne ja met deeze kleur. maar kom toch egt een Part 1 op.
  • oh die is tog wel donkerder uitgevallen dan ik gedacht had man, mischien had je dan tog donkerdere verf dan ik ofzo, maa
  • Yeah! The audience for the concert filled the live house to overflowing !!! Maybe about 400 people !!
  • u have so many cool stuff dude..i could cry..hahaha ;P
  • No comments... \m/
  • Mötley Crüe, Skid Row and Wasp patches are fantastic :D

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