My battle jacket in progress

Sun, 26/02/2012 - 22:59

This is the progress of my battle jacket still empty but
more patches are already underway, in the back has only a Dio backpatch
but at the moment is in repair.

Battle Jacket - My battle jacket in progress
Battle Jacket - My battle jacket in progress
Battle Jacket - My battle jacket in progress



wow man, that's a fucking sick jacket


Gracias whiteravenmetal aun le faltan muchos parches pero de poco en poco.


KILLER jacket !

Bleeding Runes

One of the Hellfish still alive?
:D :D :D


Hell yeahhhh
Hellfish till death


el de sign of evil es woven carnal? cambiarías alguno de tus parches de sodom? checa si te interesa alguno de los míos saludos!


Saludos bro si el de sign of evil es woven y pues no quiero cambiar ninguno de Sodom el unico que tengo para cambiar es el de Testament igual es oficial y woven, no lo tengo en esta foto no se, si te interese


ya veo, ni modo hehe y ese de Testament es el único que tienes de cambio verdad? saludos


El parche vergas es el de los peces del infierno Ö me haré uno

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Recent Comments

  • more who know these guys..hehe
  • good catch, dude!
  • ze hebben toch best wel veel geweldige nummers gemaakt zoals Thor the powerhead, Guyana cult of the damned, Army of the
  • looks awesome!!!
  • That's really nice layout, good enough for all the flames.
  • sick, really want one!
  • Thanks bro ;)
  • Así es bro, aunque sean pequeños shaped pero cubriré todo. Saludos!
  • Thank you bro, I guess it's my favourite patch :D
  • Yeah thanks bro. It was also Recordstoreday, so I did my job hahaha!
  • Wow amazing catch, congrats!
  • No, it was just an invitation to send it to me haha.
  • Bad ass Rock `Roll, love it :)!
  • Looks amazing!!!! Available in the US only right?
  • Ok gracias por la observacion :)
  • Because he's a far-right extremist, and I'd be lying if I told you that his views didn't secretly irk me.

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Fri, 18/04/2014 - 12:20

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