My Battle Jacket

Sun, 14/07/2013 - 13:47

Morbid Angel logo, Cannibal Corpse logo, Slayer-Reign In Blood
Broken Bones-Skull, The Exploited-Death Before Dishonour, Anti Nowhere League-Fist logo,
The Misfits-Skull, The Exploited-The Massacre, The Fartz logo

Not for sale or trade
My Battle Jacket
My Battle Jacket
My Battle Jacket
My Battle Jacket



the artwork on the bottom of the sleeve is very nice! great jacket.


Thanks dude, no idea how I managed to pull that off, I cant draw for shit lol

Judas Priestess

awesome jacket and drawings!


Thanks mate. Just got lucky with them drawings, everything else I've ever tried to draw is way worse than fuckin shit lol

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Recent Comments

  • Oh, sorry to hear that! Were you hanging the shirt out?
  • very nice
  • Yeah thank you!
  • muy chula, creo q es de 1990 , rise above
  • It's actually been officially reprinted by Carcass just this month, but with "I Reek..." back print .
  • Great indeed. :)
  • That is fucking glorious!
  • Thanks!
  • Check your PMs.
  • Thanks! Maybe I will return to dental floss, I'll have to see
  • Great shirt!
  • Thanks, I had dental floss before but I had to give it up because it would constantly come off in the pit.
  • No wonder why people did so much coke in the 80s with such cool mirrors
  • Wow!!
  • Love it!!
  • I live in Oregon, and they are friends of mine.

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