My Battle Jacket

Sun, 14/07/2013 - 13:47

Morbid Angel logo, Cannibal Corpse logo, Slayer-Reign In Blood
Broken Bones-Skull, The Exploited-Death Before Dishonour, Anti Nowhere League-Fist logo,
The Misfits-Skull, The Exploited-The Massacre, The Fartz logo

My Battle Jacket
My Battle Jacket
My Battle Jacket
My Battle Jacket



the artwork on the bottom of the sleeve is very nice! great jacket.


Thanks dude, no idea how I managed to pull that off, I cant draw for shit lol

Judas Priestess

awesome jacket and drawings!


Thanks mate. Just got lucky with them drawings, everything else I've ever tried to draw is way worse than fuckin shit lol

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Recent Comments

  • It's a beaut!
  • Could not agree more.
  • Man, the new TSS logo really fuckin bites can't even see the copyright.
  • nice longsleeve my friend
  • cheers mate,i have a couple of these for trade \m/
  • Hmm, always thought this was official. Have had it for a long time in my collection.
  • J'attend toujours!
  • Kävin itekkin kattomassa samaisen keikan Kuopiossa, enkä nähnyt noita myytävänä. Kerkesit varmaan viedä nenän edestä.
  • Hi Bubba! I find the Girlschool's patch. I'm looking for Manilla Road patch now and Warrant (GER) patch.
  • Sí que es extraña, tampoco creo sea oficial, en principio no busco trade pero echaré un vistazo!
  • I don't have any backpatches spear, but that sad wings backpatch is one of the greatest bp ive ever seen.
  • Always haha!!
  • Amazing!
  • Oiskos 15€ plus postit hyvä hinta Satanic Warmasterista ja Archgoatista?
  • Great shirt, never seen before this backprint
  • Haha, thanks! I really had the plan to change it for ages, but I finally was able to do it!

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Sun, 01/06/2014 - 04:03

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