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At Bandung Berisik 2013 Metal Fest !

Tue, 16/04/2013 - 05:24

At Bandung Berisik 2013 Metal Fest - Bandung, Indonesia !
13 April 2013

Main Stage and 2nd Stage !

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Recent Comments

  • Dang, and this is the best. I only hope to someday own this legendary album on vinyl. Excellent shirt.
  • God, another great wear. \m/
  • Thanks, haha ! Great minds think alike
  • Simple but killer vest, the large Entrails logo is amazing!
  • Yeah, I probably won't have an original, but this is nice man.
  • Nice once again. It seems your taste is impeccable haha.
  • Thanks. There are also very nice official re-prints available, probably easier to find and cheaper.
  • Your welcome! You should make a mini kutte for your cat!
  • Excellent album, and shirt.
  • Man, I need this shirt. Awesome.
  • Never seen a five string Rickenbacker.
  • I have this Kreator poster and it's from a 1987 issue of Metal Hammer magazine.
  • It was worth the effort!
  • Awesome! I wish I was alive during the glory days!
  • Simple but really nice. Dig it!
  • It's impossible to miss. Oh well. We can't always get what we want. That's life.

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