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At Bandung Berisik 2013 Metal Fest !

Tue, 16/04/2013 - 05:24

At Bandung Berisik 2013 Metal Fest - Bandung, Indonesia !
13 April 2013

Main Stage and 2nd Stage !

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Recent Comments

  • Du hast mehr Aufnäher auf deiner Kutte, als es überhaupt Bands gibt, die ich wirklich mag.
  • Wow! Just Wow!
  • Great!
  • Amazing patch! I needed in my Iron Maiden collection!
  • Awesome!
  • Zavidim ti stari na ovome, da je bilo para i da nije bilo kolokvija mozda bi i ja otisao na Lizzy... :)
  • CRUSH! CRUSH! CRUSH! CRUSH! Killer records and killer artwork too
  • Thx up the irons!
  • Thanksss!!!
  • Hey thanks !!! Cheers!
  • Thanks!! Yep best band in the world ;)
  • awesome man
  • oh yes i know them very well :) but could't recognize such a small logo, i could see only a sparkling blot ahahah!
  • Beherit , mystifier , revenge...great! las cruces invertidas son de black witchery??
  • That's a patch from the italian legends MORTUARY DRAPE, don't you tell me you don't know them :D
  • What's the re coffin shaped patch next to Nocturnal and Incubus in the third pic?

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