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At Bandung Berisik 2013 Metal Fest !

Tue, 16/04/2013 - 05:24

At Bandung Berisik 2013 Metal Fest - Bandung, Indonesia !
13 April 2013

Main Stage and 2nd Stage !

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  • yes! excellent!!!
  • cool!!!
  • ah not fair you got snow!!!
  • you mean this one?
  • My fav too but prefer the quality of the 1994 one
  • I know where to get it, jsut been too lazy to haha
  • Do you have a link at all to the ebay listing, I can't seem to find it anywhere. Much appreciated if you do.
  • that lunar strain patch just blew my fucking mind!!
  • i think there are some still available at napalm records.
  • ughhhhhhh still need to get this, great patch
  • respect.
  • Killer on glass!! Great set of mirrors my friend \m/
  • Totally cool shirt mate! I got a xmas card from Derek & Kim with a similar Eddie holding a bottle of champagne..
  • Un-fukn-believable shirt!!!
  • Great shirt & band.
  • Fucking great band & shirt, was only listening to this the other day. great stuff.

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